Monday, December 23, 2013

My last day.

Today was my last day at the college. Four years. 10,222 sent emails. Over 1000 meetings. At least 60 workshops/events… one local TV show and a book later, here I am starting my new biz Sweet Spot Style.

My coworkers gave me this card. They said it reminded them of me. And I do feel like a Spanish Flamenco dancer. I feel proud of my time at Marlboro. I feel blessed to be able to do work that is meaningful and fun. I have to tell you, I love encouraging people to do what they love and go for their  ideal career path. But I never thought this job would lead me to my OWN dream career.  After years of encouraging others to go for it, it's time to take my own advice, to set fear aside and listen to that inner voice… head held high, bright yellow billowy skirt and  all… I'm ready for the next adventure.
Thank you Marlboro, you've been good to me. xo Desha
Let's dance.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Quitting your job? Starting a business? Let's talk!

Hello dear ones,
I have some big news for you today. Last year on the Solstice I received some divine information that indicated I would be writing a book, starting a biz, and leaving my current work as Director of Career Development at Marlboro College by the end of 2013. And so it is my friends. The book and biz are in progress and my last day at the college is Jan. 1, 2014.

I've had lots of jobs in my life and it's always been hard for me to quit, even the bad ones. But leaving a job I like is even harder.  I love working with students to help them see the bigger possibilities that exist within themselves, and now it's time to share this calling with my tribe. I feel very drawn towards working with women who are at the edge of their dreams and need a hand to hold as they embrace their fear and go for it.  And that's why I am choosing to go down this very risky path of giving up something great to go for my soul calling. I love the quote by Iyanla Vanzant- "You must have a test to have a testimony."

This is my test. There's A LOT OF FEAR out there. If you are an entrepreneur, I'm sure you've heard it  in the voices of your friends and family… "the economy is bad….most people fail at business within the first two years… how will you survive????"   And I get it.  I know people who have gone into debt, even lost their family over their business. And if I focused on those stories, I might just throw in the towel before I even get started, but that is not my style!

Thus,  I've made it my personal mission to find stories of women who are killing it within their first two years of business. I'm looking for women like me who don't have a sugar daddy doling out cash and who have to figure it out because their livelihood depends on it. And that's why I'm a big fan of Hilary Rushford (a fellow B-School Alum!) and founder of Dean Street Society. She's a personal stylist and  business guru who has managed to make a profitable online business in two years that she loves. And that, I love.
Hilary is rolling out a new program that is right up my alley. It's more than just a book, it comes with a built in tribe and toolkit for women who are on the edge of their entrepreneurial dreams and includes inspirational case studies of people building successful businesses in the first 2-4 yrs. Just the kind of stories we need to hear! It's called the  4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail and I am more than honored to be part of the Dean Street Society Happy Hour Dialogues to start the conversation rolling. 2014 is the year I officially launch my book and biz, so it's perfect timing, and I'd love for you to join me.

In my opinion, there is no better way to go for your dreams, than to find someone who is already doing it and learn from them and that's what the 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail is all about.

According to Hilary, "The 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail is for you if you are a blogger or entrepreneur who sometimes feels lost, over your head or unsure where to start or what to do next, like you should be further ahead by now. This applies to readers who haven't yet decided whether to start a business, those a few years in, but who have yet to really succeed the way they'd hoped... It's for anyone who secretly feels there should be a better, easier, less overwhelming way to do this. It's the book I wish I'd read when I was just getting started two years ago."
Join me for Hilary's 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail!
I'm on board. How about you?
Here is what I'd like to suggest. You sign up here so Hilary knows I sent ya, and I will...

1. Hold your virtual hand and encourage you throughout the process.
2. Provide you two free Sweet Spot counseling sessions (worth $200!). Following along with the Hilary's cocktail theme, we'll do Before and After Shots. Because self-assessment and reflection are vital to growth, the Before Shot will give you a chance to check in with me before you start the program to acknowledge where you are in your business/life and what you hope to gain out of the program. At the end of the program you report back and share your After Shot - including clarity around your intentions, accomplishments and action plans. You'll have one on one time with me to make a plan to help you continue working towards your soul's Sweet Spot in a way that feels oh, so good.

So, if you are thinking of doing your own thing, whether you are starting a blog or your dream business-  Click here to view more details about Hilary's 4 Part Cocktail and let's start 2014 on the right track, baby.

If you aren't an entrepreneur, that's ok. I'd still like to invite you to come along this journey with me by staying in touch in 2014. Either way, I'd appreciate the company.

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