Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vermont Living: Gail's Organic Farmstand

Nothing beats a Sunday morning at Gail's Organic Farm Stand, tucked away on MacArthur Road in Marlboro, Vermont. You've got to be there at 9:00 am to enjoy Robin and Ty's organic coffee and homemade berry scones, but it's worth it. A couple of weeks ago, I went for a visit to get some footage of the stand and the Sunday morning scene that goes with it. 

Here's some photos to share until I learn how to actually make a film...

Get your farm fresh produce, eggs, berries and more. 

Here's a fine example of "more". I couldn't resist bringing home this beauty. A plum cake made with hints of lemon and brandy, made by Jill Hulme.  
Who could walk away from this, I ask?

Bring your city kids here to taste a real cherry tomato for the 1st time.
Worked for me.


Did I mention, you can pick your own ORGANIC berries?

Gail. The woman behind it all.

Robin and Ty serve Mocha Joe's Organic Coffee, a local favorite.

A little Sunday snooze is par for the course. 

Vermont Living.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Portsmouth, NH Mini City Guide

Boujour, Salud!
One idea for the show is to incorporate little snapshots of cool places to visit, highlighting unique boutiques and maybe a couple of resturants and other attractions.

So, this is my first Mini City Guide on a little weekend vacation my family and I took to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and the tip of Southern Maine, Kittery area.

Overall, I love the area. Portsmouth is a bustling little town with great New England charm. The Port itself is lovely, there's plenty of great restaurants, and several downtown shops worth checking out. Two of my favorites were: The Odd Showroom where the cute owner remakes vintage clothes

She had a rad dress on that I was surprised to find out was from Forever 21, one my favorite secret shops where you can find trendy clothes for no mucho dinero. I was inspired to track that dress down and luckily found the last one in my size. Okay, getting of target here...

Portsmouth! And my other favorite is this very cute little paper store

called Gus and Ruby Letterpress
I loved the design of the store itself with custom white cabinets, great lighting (see fabulous anthropology chandelier which I can't seem to find). Check out the store's blog here-
The owner was super friendly, and I got these lovely papers there, which I promptly used to revamp my daughter's new (vintage) dollhouse, click here to see before and after shots.

The Friendly Toast- a great family place serving yummy stuff all day and open 24hrs a day on the weekends (not that we are ever out past 10pm these days...). The decor is fun too, a mix between 50's, 60's and 70's junk/vintage store complete with a fake baby in a cradle that rocked. A bit odd, but entertaining to watch. No website that I could find, but here's a bunch of reviews on yelp

Flatbread Pizza- We liked this bustling , noisy open space joint. Simple brick oven pizza, but really great, fresh, local and organic ingredients.

Portsmouth Brewery- Matt (the hubby) says to check it out.


We headed down 1A, South of Portsmouth, and just parked on the side of the road, walked over some big boulders and enjoyed a lovely day at the beach.

You can pay at the parks, but this was just as good and free. Although, watch out, this water is cold.

Regardless of the chilly water, Portsmouth and the Southern Maine area has lots to offer for a lovely weekend fun spot.

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