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Split Milk: Ode to Fabulous, Creative Women

Thanks to Diana Whitney for including me in your article in the Brattleboro Reformer!

November 22nd, 2011 by Diana Whitney as published in the Brattleboro Reformer

Desha in action, photo by Diana W.
This one goes out to all the amazing women in my life who inspire me EVERY DAY with their creativity and passion. Desha Peacock in action Just Saturday night I went out to a gala Fashion Show– WILD NIGHT ON THE CATWALK– where my friend Desha Peacock hosted the Red Carpet scene. Desha is a blogger and has her own TV show and there she was, all decked out in designer sequins, interviewing models and guests in her enchanting Southern accent, looking like she could be on E! or something. Except Desha is one-of-a-kind, not a plastic Hollywood-clone– she’s funny and warm and drop-dead gorgeous to boot, an authentic, artistic, tres-chic Vermont-transplant. (Plus she’s the loving mom of an adorable 5-year-old who plays with my girls!) All dolled up and (finally) someplace to go!

Diana Whitney ready to go WILD!
Yes, on Saturday I actually WENT OUT with a group of women friends and felt alive surrounded by their fun energy and sheer good looks. (Everyone looked HOT that night, clad in tight frocks and freed from the usual drab VT uniform of jeans, wool, and clogs.) These women are strong and smart, they have both children and jobs. They give to their families, clients, patients, customers, and/or students every day. They also somehow, despite the demands on them, despite being tired or down or sick or lonely sometimes, find creative outlets in their lives. (read more...)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sneak Peak: Wild Night on the Catwalk...Part 1

The first photos are in and there are many more to come (and video of course!)

But for now, here's a sneak peak of the coolest event I've been to in Brattleboro!

Wild Night on the Catwalk was a complete success with over 600 people cheering on nine amazing designers. Monte Belmonte from WRSI, the River was the MC and I had the honor of being the Red Carpet Hostess!

It was a benefit for the Brattleboro Area Hospice, and people poured in to support this amazing non-profit organization whose mission it is to give support to those nearing the end of life.

It provided the community with a chance to get dressed up, have a glass of wine or two, and simply feel glamorous- something we all need every once in a while, right?

I hope to introduce you to each designer and their amazing garments, but for now, I hope you enjoy this sneak peak~
I had the honor of being the Red Carpet Hostess. Here I am chatting it up with a cute Brattleboro local.
Photo by Diana Whitney

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fashion Show this Sat!

I've been talking about it for weeks, and it's finally here- this Saturday is the Wild Night on the Catwalk Fashion Show in Brattleboro!

Below you'll find a summary of a larger article released in the Brattleboro Reformer today.

Wednesday November 16, 2011
BRATTLEBORO -- Lost amid the wonders of the delicate 19th century Chantilly silk lace vest and the black taffeta strapless dress belted by impossible-to-find silk velvet ribbon, with an orchid-colored square dance petticoat underneath it, is a simple fact -- the success of this design owes as much to sound engineering as it does to artistry....

Designers, models, fashionistas and paparazzi gathered there Monday to mark another milestone in a very big deal. On Saturday, Putney turns into Milan-on-the-Connecticut for the Wild Night on the Catwalk fashion show...

Local and regional designers have created one-of-a-kind, fun fashions for a runway show to benefit Brattleboro Area Hospice. Believed to be the first event of its kind in the area, the fundraiser, which also features a cash bar, fine food and a Not So Silent Auction, starts at 6:30 p.m., at the Michael S. Currier Center on the Putney School campus...
The local and regional designers participating include Truly Alvarenga, Maria Pugnetti, Alice Fogel, Rene Gerrior, Pamela Moore, Cindy Lesczak, Maia Bissette, Kris McDermet and Cynthia Nims...

And the event has caught the eye of the wider world. Conrad Lamour, a Boston-born event producer and fashion designer known for his luxurious, fashionable, but wearable men's and women's clothing, has joined Wild Night on the Catwalk as consultant, stage manager and designer...

Other highlights include a well-known host (WRSI's Monte Belmonte); a red carpet scene with Desha Peacock, a self-described lover of fashion and design (, who will interview guests as they arrive...

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Ticket prices are $50 for Runway seating; $35 for Standing Room. Tickets are available at Brattleboro Area Hospice office, 191 Canal St., and Experienced Goods Home Furnishings store at 51 Elliot St., by calling 802-257-0775, or by using the "Buy Tickets Now" button (purchasing via PayPal at or

See the Brattleboro Reformer for the full article~

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winter Fashion by Starlet!

Hi everyone!

My name is Starlet; I write for Can You Come Home - a blog about home, garden, fashion, and design.

When Desha announced that she will be hosting the red carpet for a fashion show at Brattleboro, I got all giddy and excited, and I truly wished I could be there witnessing her broadcasting with her bubbly-Desha-style!

But I'm happy to participate in a different way: crafting a fashion focus post for her blog. Desha challenged me to create a stylish winter look and I said bring it on :) So let's bundle up!

I found this image of Rachel Zoe and {back then her assistant} Brad Goresky strolling in the cold weather and I thought I would use them as an inspiration.


Splurge for her at a total of $ 5078
Her Splurge :

  • an uber cool fur colar cardigan from Dolce & Gabana
  • a dash of glam metallic stripe sweater from 3.1 Phillip Lim  
  • cozy wool trouser pants from Hussein Chalayan 
  • lace up booties (no stilettos, but the stacked heels will give you a height boost) from DVF
  • two tone textured leather tote bag from YSL 
  • colorful slouchy beany from Marc by Marc Jacobs to put you on a cheerful mood 
  • oversized sunglasses from Roberto Cavalli to complete the look 

Save for her at a total of $ 525
Her Save:
  • a sweet white coat from Jessica Simpson
  • nights in northbeach stripe sweater from ModCloth
  • cozy wool trouser pants from J.Crew
  • lace up booties (with comfy stacked heels will give you a height boost) from DSW
  • metallic color blocking tote bag from ASOS (I love tote bag, because they're so practical!)
  • tarnish folk knit slouchy cap from Nordstrom to put you on a cheerful mood 
  • oversized sunglasses from ASOS to complete the look 

Splurge for him at a total of $3674
His Splurge:

Save for him at a total of $ 519
His Save:

  • Charcoal wool trench coat from Topman (seriously, can't go wrong with trench coat, guys!)
  • Victorian blue argyle sweater from Old Navy (yes to color!)
  • Tweed dress pants from Old Navy
  • Leather lace up oxford derby from ASOS
  • Safari messenger bag from Calvin Klein
  • Solid fedora from Dillard's
  • Oblong scarf to match with the blue from the sweater from Yoox
Oh, and it doesn't feel right if I didn't have a nature inspired fashion item, right? The texture of the fur reminds me of these beautiful seed heads of the grass. So warm and fuzzy!
Winter Fur

Thanks Desha for letting me blabble on fashion. Creating this post made me wish for a cup of hot cocoa and shop for a furry white coat. Winter is almost here!

What do you think of the looks? What would you add or omit and what is your favorite item?

Disclosure: this post is powered by  ShopStyle and a cuppa cocoa + cookies

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Anastasia on the Little Black Dress

As part of my Focus on Fashion Series, I'd like to welcome, all the way from Australia, Anastasia!


Hello! Its Anastasia here today and I'm thrilled to be Guest posting here at Desha's blog! I think fashion shouldn't have any rules and regulations, style is all about personal expression after all, ...but we've been told time after time that we must have at least one ' Little Black Dress ' in our wardrobe..

me? i have a few...i do love a pretty black dress. they are my 'go to' options when I'm suddenly invited somewhere special that requires me to look elegant and chic but the LBD is available in so many styles and designs so a perfect way to express a fashionable mood.

It wasn't that long ago when it wasn't acceptable for women to wear black in public, unless in mourning of course, so here's a little tribute to the LBD.

Top image Jean Seberg
* 1960s black lanz dress by Thrush
* 60s mod party dress by factoryhandbook
* 1950s Vintage Cotton sun Dress by Allencompanyinc 

* Hugs Anastasia

Do you have a favorite LBD? Pop over to Anastasia's lovely site, and let her know! Also make sure and check out her Etsy shop with the cutest tags ever!

xo Desha

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Suzanne Kingsbury Visits The Desha Show

Thanks to author Suzanne Kingsbury for this fine commentary. You are an inspiration. And also, you crack me up, girl.                                                                                    

Finding Your Sweet Spot (I promise this is only a little x-rated!)

Here I post a weekly diary entry from my grandmother, Maggie, who lived on Saint Mark’s Place,Manhattan, in 1937, and a blog entry from yours truly, who lives in Brattleboro, Vermont, 2010.

The most fabulously incredible thing is happening in Brattleboro, it’s called the Desha Show, a talk show interviewing people who are living in their sweet spots.  So, if you were ever wondering why doesn’t the spot I’m in feel sweet?  Well, you can find out how others got to their sweet spots on the air with Desha Peacock as hostess extraordinaire.
The show just this second launched its fourth episode featuring Ayda Robana, culinary chef to the stars and owner of Om Sweet Mama’s in Santa Barbara (where else?). On other episodes she has interviewed Cirque du Soleil performers and wild comic book writers and my goodness absolutely anyone who has shot for the moon and landed among the stars including ummm a novelist/editor you might know, but I won’t mention any names.
This particular show is cut through with scenes from the Desha Show fun-raiser, the absolute highlight of everyone’s summer, a sparkling celebration under the cradle of a quarter moon right here in my own hometown of Brattleboro, Vermont.  Piles of artists and performers and writers and fans came from as far away as California, and the lawn was decked-out in shabby chic décor that would have made Rachel Ashwell proud. We all drank watermelon mojitos and beautiful people milled around everywhere.  Ayda cooked grilled shrimp and lamb meatballs and hundreds of other delectable tapas while Red Heart the Ticker played a sexy set and then House of Wolves lullabyed us before he ran away on his European tour. He really does sometimes lullabye, it’s very sweet spotty.
Everyone there was living in his or her sweet spot at least for that night.  And while I was standing with Margie Pivar admiring her splash-of-pink dress and talking about her screenplay which was just this minute picked up in Hollywood, I thought how my grandma Maggie would have loved this party, wearing a fancy shift on a summer night with an open bar at her side. As we know, Maggie wallowed in her sweet spot and was friendly with all the other 1940s sweet spotters, and I just had to run right home and dust off the diary and the blog, which has been in deep deep remission (a topic for another time) and finally finally finally check in with Grandma Maggie on Saint Mark’s place as she drinks her champagne and eats her coconut cakes and to say thank you thank you to all you sweethearts (and sweet spotters) who dare to stop your busy lives and follow her…
Click here for the  Desha Show!  And then like it on facebook! Why not?  Or hang out withRed Heart the Ticker and House of Wolves right here…
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