Friday, March 9, 2012

Life Lessons and Inspiration

I'm so excited, the first international episode of The Desha Show is edited and ready to go. I'm spending the next couple of weeks seeking sponsors for the show and once I get their names in the credits, it will be shown on BCTV and online.

Watching Street Performers in Mexico while filming The Desha Show
Do you mind if I share a little something? I am feeling so good, so inspired, and so happy. A few weeks ago I found myself watching back to back episodes of Ugly Betty on Netlfix, eating cookie after cookie and feeling the effects of not moving from the coach for hours. Sure, we all do this every once in awhile, but it was happening a little too often. I decided to take action. I needed to turn things around. SO, I asked for focus, clarity and DISCIPLINE. My goal for the next 60 days- to stop watching Netflix and to walk everyday, no matter what, for 20 minutes. I'm on day 22 and things are already getting more clear. Better.

Meanwhile, I've been working with my editor on this last episode and it really hit me, "this is not work, this is fun".  If I could make more episodes like this one in Mexico, travelling around with my daughter, finding fun stuff to share, learning about the culture, and interviewing someone who loves what they do... it would be the perfect job.

And the bonus is, that I don't have to sacrifice being a mom. I can still spend time with my daughter, in fact, she'll be exploring and learning right along with me.

Have you heard the popular saying, "you learn all you need to know in Kindergarten"? Well, what if you could do it travelling the world with your mom at age 5? What kind of lessons would you learn? How would your life change?

The other day, Iyla was taking a bath, playing with her dolls and she turns to me, out of the blue, and says "Mom, it doesn't matter if you are DIFFERENT, or that you speak another language, you can still be friends".  She was thinking about a little French girl that she met on the beach while we were in Mexico. She was thinking about the fact that they could still run into the ocean and squeal as the water touched their toes, only to run hysterically back to the shore and do it all over again one thousand times.

It's true, it didn't matter that this girl was French, Iyla was American and we were in Mexico. What mattered was they felt a connection, shared laughter, and had fun together. This is the type of life lesson I want my daughter to learn: You can be different, wear different kinds of clothes, speak a different language, even have a different religion- and you can still be friends.

Imagine if everyone could live by this mantra. This is worth exploring.

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