Friday, September 24, 2010

Ode to Summer on the 1st day of Fall

 I LOVE spring & I LOVE Summer.
Lots of people love fall, and it is beautiful here with the leaves changing colors and all that jazz, but to be honest it just reminds me that winter is on it's way bringing all that COLD, COLD air. The snow is pretty, but good Lord, is winter ever long here in Antarctica, i.e. Vermont.


So, on this first day of fall, I would like to immortalize my beloved garden, and celebrate summer and all it's vibrant colors.

Summer, I will miss you.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Solid Gold

Solid Gold Dancers, '85 (hold on baby, it's coming)

If you don't know the Sold Gold Dancers, you are really missing out. Solid Gold was one of my favorite shows, along with Dance Fever and later, In Living Colors (with the those hot Fly Girls). The whole show centered around these dances for me. Love it.

And for my show, we are gonna have DANCERS. AND, I NEED DANCERS. So, we're gonna have a DANCE CONTEST.

The dance contest is vital to the show because I can't start the show without the dance at the begining.

I'm looking for some fast paced, energtic dancing- especially in short spurts. And why not be creative about it? I would love to see combined styles of dance with music you wouldn't expect. Some jerkin' with some ballet and maybe old funk music? Who knows, it's wide open. 

The dancers will be judged on the following criteria:
  • Creativity
  • Energy
  • Talent
I'm so excited by the idea of a competion in which local folks can get together and show off. It's a great way to showcase local talent. Are you interested??
Here's what I have to do:

Pick a venue and the date. I'm shooting for October. I think it's gonna be Luminz Studio because it's got a good vibe and reasonable rental rate, not to meniton it's already chock full of interesting dancers. PLUS, it's down the street from my house. Bonus.

Get the dancers. I need to send a flier with info to the local dance schools and other folks in town to spread the word. Maybe this flier will be the same as the PR flier (not sure). I've already got sevearal dancers intersted who are ready to go, for sure.

Dancers register and send promo video. I'll need to pick the top tier dancers for the contest, because the show will last one hour and each dance will last around 3 min max, plus time for voting. So, maybe 15 dance groups (or individuals if really good).

Advertise the show. Luminz can hold 60 audience members, and I intend to pack it in tight.

Get dinero. I really need some cashola because I'd love to give a cash prize to the winners. I'm guessing $1000 bucks for the rental and prizes is good. I'd love for the grand prize winner to receive $500 bucks.

Music. I need a DJ.

MC. Need one.

Wanta help? Shoot me an email:
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