Monday, August 12, 2013

Get the MOST from your to do list

My daughter knows about lists. My husband makes lists daily and checks it off. It has tasks like clean the bathroom, wash the clothes, call the electrician, research counter tops, etc. When my daughter wanted to play with me the other day, I showed her my list of things to do so she would understand I had lots to do. We read the the list of ten things together and at the end she said, "Can you add play with me on your list?

Wow. That was a bit of a wake up call. I put the list down and said, "Let's play now."

Coming home from work today, I saw that my daughter had made her own list and once again I was reminded of what is important in life. It can't be all about the work, our lists need to include a little play and I'm happy to report that was one thing that was checked off her list.

Friday, August 9, 2013

It's like a scene from your blog...

Late summer dinners on the porch in Vermont make me happy. Even without a kitchen and washing dishes in the yard with a water hose, everything is better with wine and good friends.
it's like a scene from your blog.... Theo
sweet friends reunite

black rice, roasted root veggies and honey tofu polenta bake from Gita


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Vermont Farmhouse Garden Magic Story

Every home tells a story. Whether it's brand new or 300 yrs old, there is always a story to tell. So when my editor Abigail Gehring Lawrence invited me to her childhood home in Vermont, I was so happy to pull onto the dirt driveway and find this scene.  Hope you enjoy this snapshot of our evening and get a glimpse of the true glory of summertime in Vermont.
Abigail's childhood farmhouse, built in the late 1700's
 Wilmington, VT
farmhouse garden magic
appetizers included bacon wrapped figs with maple,  coconut dipping sauce
wine and Tim's homemade ginger ale on the porch
main course in the garden
farm fresh salad with watermelon, dill, avocado and nasturtiums
inside we found relics, curious collections left behind by trusting family members
trinkets to behold

treasures on display

untold stories abound
the heart of a Vermont home
secret places yet to explore...
~ thank you Abigail and Tim for sharing your VT Sweet Spot with us ~

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