Thursday, June 27, 2013

On Recipes, On Life

About three years ago I met up with a couple of friends who were interested in writing a book. Mostly I was just putting the two of them together, but because I live in the world of possibilities I thought "yes, I want to write a book, too!" The three of us got to together several times and discussed the virtues of self publishing, the importance of building social media, and imagined our names in lights! I have no idea what my book idea was at the time (if I even had one!) But I do remember Susie Crowther's story. She had already written a book. In fact, she wrote this book twenty years prior, but it sat untouched as life took over.

And as frequently happens, those things that are important to us seem to circle back. It's up to us to pay attention to those reoccurring themes- small hints from a higher source that give us clues to why we are here. Susie Crowther paid attention. She heard that inner voice that said, "Hey remember me? You loved me once. Will you give me the attention I deserve?" And Susie listened, but she did more than listen, she took action.

  May I present...

Published by Skyhorse Press, The No Recipe Cookbook immediately shot up to number three on Amazon under the category"Hot New Releases in Culinary Arts & Techniques." She's becoming quite the local celebrity in VT with radio appearances on VPR and articles in the Brattleboro Reformer and other media outlets. She's also booked solid for every weekend until the fall on her national book tour. 

I have to say, I have a love/hate relationship with the "art of cooking." I love ART and I love EATING, but I don't so much enjoy cooking.  I often feel that making food is a waste of my precious time. I've got too much stuff to do! It takes too long! It's to hard to please my family! I don't have the right recipe! Can't someone else do this for me? Please? Excuses aside, Susie's message in this book encourages us to slow the F. down. Enjoy cooking, enjoy eating, enjoy life. 

The central concept is that people depend on recipes, rather than their intuition, to make a meal. Susie states that anyone can follow a recipe, but not everyone can cook and by "cook" she means CREATE. With her guidance, you learn how to cook without the crutch of a recipe. You learn to stock your pantry with ingredients that will always allow for a delicious meal. Most importantly, you learn there's really no need to be intimidated in the kitchen. Once you have the basic principles of cooking down, you can trust your intuition and common sense rather than being a slave to the RECIPE. 

Nice job, Susie. 

As for me, an idea did emerge for a book and thanks to Susie I'm also publishing with Skyhorse Press!! And what happened to our third friend? We're hoping to see your book soon my dear!

Get a signed copy of Susie's book right here.
And tell her you love her here.

xo Desha

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