Saturday, June 25, 2011

Join Me...

Art by Sarah Johnson
Thursday, July 7th from 7-9pm
163 Marlboro Ave, Brattleboro, VT

Things are happening with The Desha Show! I'm So excited that on Thursday, July 7th I'm hosting a  FUN-raiser for The Desha Show! The money will help pay for the TV production that is currently airing on BCTV, but will soon be state-wide on 27 Vermont stations! 

My dear friend Aida Robana, who is a fabulous chef and owner of  Om Sweet Mama’s has offered to cater it and I couldn't refuse (um, did I mention she is the personal chef of Kevin Costner? So, yeah she's good.)

Friends are coming from Santa Barbara, Ann Arbor, Boston, and of course our own lovely Brattleboro- YOU should come too! 

It's going to be a special, intimate affair with WINE, TAPAS, MUSIC, CANDLELIGHT and a few extra SURPRISES. A perfect night for a date, or to simply meet new, interesting people.

Live music will be provided by one of my all time favorite's RED HEART THE TICKER & coming all the way from California, we have HOUSE OF WOLVES!

This is you chance to take off your rain boots and fleece and WEAR something fun/crazy/beautiful & enjoy people staring (in a good way).

Tickets: $25 per person (but if that's too much for you to swing, please don't let that stop you from coming- just bring a rich friend!)

Also, if you like to gamble, I'll be at Gallery Walk this Friday Night raffling a pair of tickets to this event, plus other goodies like a facial from Jasmine Massage & Skincare!
Spread the word, but reserve your spot now, as space is limited! RSVP on Facebook or send me an email:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Front Porch Love, with special guest stylist

I was inspired today after reading Decor8 and seeing Anna-Malin's lovely front patio. I want a couch on my patio!

I'm from the South which means I'm a front porch/ back porch - give me a D@MN porch kinda GIRL-

So, when the sun comes out and summer buds here in So. Vermont, there's no better place to be than on the porch.

I fiddle with the arrangement of my porch sort of like I do the inside of my house, and today I had a little extra help from my special guest stylist.

Hope you enjoy, we sure did!

And by the way, what's your porch, balcony, patio look like? Do tell.

It's arrived! Got Holly Becker's Decorate and what a joy it is to have and hold.

Here's my guest stylist hard at work arranging flowers

Little hands do good work
But, let's not forget to take time and smell the flowers
The following pictures were taken by my assistant stylist.
p.s. this was her first time to take pictures ever. In her WHOLE LIFE.
I think she did a pretty good job, how about you?

And here she is, my guest stylist revealed!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Artist Daniel Kornguth is meeting his goal!

Congrats to Daniel Kornguth for living his dream, and getting the cash to make it happen! As you might recall, Daniel was recently featured on The Desha Show and took the Artist Challenge.

One of his goals was to produce his Equionox Comic Book. He immediately got busy and started a Kickstarter campaign to fund his project (hey, wishing is great, but we need to put some action behind our dreams, ya know? and he did!)

So.... Daniel's project is not only funded, it's OVER FUNDED. That's right cats. He asked for a cool 5 grand, and got close to 6000! Thus proving my personal motto (well, one of many)- You have to ASK to RECEIVE.

We're going to keep following Daniel through the year. We all need support and encouragement to make our dreams a reality, so take a second and tell Daniel congrats and to keep on moving.

As Lady Gaga said about her career, "I'm only on mile 2".
                                                      xoxo Desha

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stripe Mania Photo Shoot

We've gone mad for Stripe Mania, the baby of Holly Becker from decor8 and boy pal Igor Josif. It's a phenomena that inspired us to have a our very own STRIPE MANIA PHOTO SHOOT.
Why you ask? 
For FUN, that's why.
It's good to be Queen.

Did someone say STRIPES?

Yes, they are real stripes, Sarah.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Erin Lorenzen: Yes you can do it ALL.

I'm always interested in finding multi-talented people to interview because it shows  that we can be successful at a variety of things. 

You are a 

fashion designer



yoga teacher 

Can you describe how you arrived at this multi-faceted career path and tell me, 
Do you love it??

Well, It all just kind of...happened. I have been making art for as long as I can remember. I studied Studio Art in school. I was a potter, painter, and a sculptor. I moved to Buenos Aires shortly after graduation and learned to silkscreen there. I mainly wanted to learn how to silkscreen so I could add that element to my paintings, but printed some shirts on a whim and started selling them at the Box Turtle on Kavanaugh in Little Rock when I returned. They asked me to participate in local fashion shows, so I started making skirts to go with the t-shirts, and then dresses, and then jewelry...I use all recycled materials and it takes a ton of time, but I do love it. I LOVE it. 

I was introduced to yoga when I was hanging out in the pottery studio in college. I like LIVED in there. I worked all the time and was known to brood and smoke and stare at my work to get it just right. A local yoga studio owner approached me mid-brood and suggested I try a yoga class. I did. I hated it. It was uncomfortable and I thought all the hippie talk was irritating. But I kept going back. 

Yoga has saved me from the stress of life as an artist. While I love love love making art, the business side of the deal can make me want to rip my eyelashes out. My yoga practice has helped me accept not only the stresses of life as an artist, but the stresses of life, that it's all part of the deal.  The practice has taught me how to get through and even enjoy uncomfortable situations, be more flexible and have more fun. Being able to share those things with students has been pretty amazing. 

Fashion is a hard industry to break into and you live in Little Rock, AR.... I love LR, but it's not exactly the epi-center of high fashion, just like Brattleboro isn't a hot spot for TV production ha -ha! Did you have any reservations about designing clothes there? If so, what made you decide to go for it anyway, and how did you begin?

It all just happened before I had a chance to decide whether or not to "go for it." I guess that's what I'm trying to decide now. I'd like to try and take my work into national fashion and art markets. But, finding funding to produce samples and take them to market can be tough.  

I've been traveling around a bit and checking things out. The fashion scene can be super competitive and cutthroat, but it seems like there is a softer underbelly for folks like me who are trying to work with recycled materials and involve their communities in the creative process.

What's been the biggest challenge you've faced on your artistic career path and how did you deal with it?

Little Rock Tees Rock
Erin: My biggest challenges are dealing with money and planning. I love creating, but sometimes find it difficult to be practical and make plans, two musts if you're going to work on bigger projects. 

I've been reaching out to others who have had successful creative businesses to figure out the best path to take.  Although I'm not extremely successful financially at this point, I feel like being able to be creative and expressive in some way every single day is a huge accomplishment.

Couture Prom Dress
What advice would you have for artists and designers who would like to make a living in a creative career?

I don't necessarily feel like I'm in a place to give advice yet. But, I will say that when I focus on what I'm doing and don't worry too much about how its going to turn out, things generally turn out better. 

I like that Dylan song lyric,
"Do what you must do and do it well."

The Ladies

To learn more about Erin and her creative work, find her on Face Book and coming soon...

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