Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ready to live in your Sweet Spot??

"This chick is burning VT up. Trust me. This is my coach and with her sassy class I've experienced "Rebirth!" She might not be doing a one hand cartwheel, but she has brought much loving inspiration to many. She's the bomb and a kick ass Fire Starter Facilitator. I shoulda made a video pumping my girl. Desha Peacock Rocks!" Bessie Jones                                                                                               

Hi friends, many of you know me as the creator of The Desha Show, a local TV show where I interview creative people living in their Sweet Spot, a self defined place of success.  Or, perhaps you've heard of my weekly sessions for creative women based off Danielle LaPorte's book, The Fire Starter Sessions. However, you might not know that I'm also the Director of Career Development at Marlboro College and for the past four years I've helped hundreds of people take action toward obtaining a more fulfilling and joyous career path.

And now, I'm creating Sweet Spot Style Coaching providing career/life coaching to both individuals and groups. I'm in the process of building the new website, so until then I thought I'd offer you a super SWEET deal, 50% off all services for the month of April. My prices will be going up after that, so take advantage of this deal now!

What is Life Coaching?
Life Coaching is right for you if you are ready to take action towards your dreams, but need some help clarifying and focusing on exactly what that dream is! As your coach, I will LISTEN to you, ENCOURAGE you and help you become ACCOUNTABLE to your goals.

What is Career Counseling?
My career counseling services include helping you move forward in the job hunt at stellar speed, making sure your materials will get you noticed and get the job you want. Services include basic career counseling, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, and salary negotiation.

Contact me at deshapeacock(@), or call me at 802-451-6691 to set up your first appointment, and please SHARE this message to anyone you know that might benefit, thanks!

Let's do this!

What people are saying about Desha...
"Desha has wonderful energy and has been an inspiration to me in getting my garden design business going. I feel Desha truly believes in me and can help so many others."  Dot Lenhart

"The world WOULD be a much happier place if everyone were living in their Sweet Spot. Desha is inspirational and so sweet to boot!" Maren Batts

"Yes, Desha is an excellent investment - her heart is huge and she blesses all the lives she touches." 
Lari Snorek-Yates

To hear more on Desha as a facilitator of dreams, click here and spread the good word!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning for the Mind

Spring is my MOST favorite time of the year. I wait all winter for it to come. I search for the first blossoms and cheer at the first bloom. Part of the joy comes from the expectation of all the goodness that's on it's way. It's also a time to renew, de-clutter and get organized. When I think of spring-cleaning, I imagine clearing up old dust bunnies under the coach, opening the windows and freshening up every inch of my space. It's a good way to let go of the old and focus on what lies ahead.

Today, my vision of spring did not fulfill my expectations. Instead I awoke to a pure white layer of brilliant snow. It's not what I had imagined or hoped for on the first day of spring, but nonetheless- it is stunning.

The pureness of the day inspired me to think of how to celebrate the new season in a different way.  Instead of cleaning my home, I realized it's my mind that needs some de-cluttering. There's so much going on in there... it really needs to be opened up and aired out! 

So, I got a giant poster board and wrote everything that's on my mind, and there's a lot! It feels good to get it all down on paper, to release it from my mind and see it all splayed out in front of me. Will I be able to remodel the kitchen, take care of making that living will, build the new business and all that goes with that, be a good parent, spouse, friend... and so on? Well, I will surely try. My expectations are that things will turn out right, like a spring blossom coming into bloom, but I'm also open to another brilliant scene that might unfold and remind me that beauty and joy come in many forms. 

View from my window on the 1st day of spring, Brattleboro VT

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New York City

The best cure for the winter blues? Get out of dodge. That's what I've been doing lately and it's working.
The Big Apple- March, 2013
Isn't my BFF cute? He's the BEST!
New York should really be called cupcake city
Rizzoli, my new fav book store
Could have spent days in the interior section, ah... sigh. 
Good to see you New York. 
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