Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Be Whatever You Want

Isn't life divine? My lovely friend sent me a radio piece which she recorded that is just perfect- it's pretty much all in the title- "Be Whatever You Want"- these 10 yr olds get it, so why can't we?  

From Sara Brooke Curtis of San Fransisco, CA,
"I recently created a 5 minute radio piece that delves into the imagination of 10 year old kids making lemon sorbet on a summer afternoon. They are pushing around this soccer ball style sorbet maker and creating fantasy characters and situations to make the task more fun. It's a dreamy dip into the wild logic of kids."

I took the recording and pictures that Sara sent and made a little video.
Take a break and peacefully enjoy this wonderful imaginary world.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bayou Bohemian: Feather Love

I don't know if it's because I'm suspect to digging trends because of my inherent nature to love change, or because of my in inherent Peacock-ness, but I am finding myself really drawn towards feathers. I already own 3 pair of feather earrings, and now I have the prettiest feather necklace and locket from Bayou Bohemian, which I found on Poppytalk Handmade (highly recommend checking this out!). The locket has essential oils, you can choose your scent. Mine has Frankincense.  I was so excited when it came in the mail, a little present from Louisiana~

"For me it is indeed truth that inspiration is a driving force. The simple beauty of the natural and primitive elements of architecture, furniture, photography, clothing, jewelry, decor and design make my heart race with inspiration." 
Bayou Bohemian
Find more beautiful jewelry, amazing vintage dresses AND feather hair extensions on Bayou Bohemian's Etsy sight. Don't you just love her style? I do.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hip Girls Unite!

Kate Payne's HIP Girls's Homemaking Party at Sticks & Bricks
I love the cover of Kate's new book- isn't it pretty and feminine?
Last night, my buddy Quinn and I went to Kate Payne's book signing party and demo at Sticks and Bricks in NoHo, MA, and it was so fun! Kate's book and blog is The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking and gives tips on decorating, dining, and overall "how to" of making your home cozy on a budget. 

It's also about being self-sufficient and learning how to use household items like baking soda or vinegar to launder your clothes, instead of expensive detergent. 

I really enjoyed meeting Kate because, once again, she is a model of how one can have many interests and still thrive in life. 

Aside from being an author and blogger, she also writes grants and still finds time to continue to learn how to do stuff like preserve green tomatoes~

"I’m a grant writer, half-assed domestic goddess, occasional nanny, after-hours poet, committed doodler, trash collector, big-time procrastinator, tea and toast and jam obsessed Austinite" Kate Payne

Even though it was a Tuesday night and a 45 min drive from Brat to Noho, I knew I had to go because I love meeting women who are out there pursuing their interests in a big way, like Kate is. AND the event was being held at one of my favorite stores, Sticks and Bricks, where I've found really unique chairs, funky lamps, and all kinds of cool spice racks and handmade stuff.

Here's Kate giving a demo on how to pickle green tomatoes, yum!
Chairs on the ceiling of Sticks and Bricks, one of my fav stores!
Quinn's favorite
I'd like this little set up in my office.
Getting my own signed copy, yep you know it, adding it to the collection!

Kate's on her book tour now, which you can purchase here, or check out her blog and invite her to your town and make you some berry jam.

~Thanks to Quinn for taking pics w/ her cool new (what's it called? ipad ipod idon't f. know)~

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Artist Dawn Schreiner

Please welcome visual artist and illustrator, Dawn Schreiner, today's guest on The Desha Show!

Hello, my name is Dawn Schreiner, I live in Maitland, Florida, a Mayberry-esque town just north of Orlando. It's quite a hop, skip and jump from Brattleboro, Vermont, where Desha lives. Even though we are so far apart, we embrace many of the same passions in life. Fashion, art, design and always, the quest for the unique, unexpected things that add joie de vivre.

In this series, you'll see a few fashion inspired doodles for Desha~ To see a wide variety of color portraits and more click here on my website.

I'm a visual artist and commercial illustrator. My first job out of school (UNF, studied graphic design/illustration), was a courtroom sketch artist for a TV station. From there I was a sculptor at a robotics company, then spent several years in graphic design, always dabbling in illustration along the way.

I have two kids, three chickens a naughty cat named Yum Yum who steals pajamas and likes to get in the refrigerator. After having children, I played mom, mostly, while taking some illustration jobs here and there.

When my second child went into school full time, I was ready to focus back on my career. Unfortunately, all my old contacts were either in new jobs or had a full stable of artists. I tried cold calls, pounding the streets and local creative groups. 

Nothing. So, I thought I'd try social networking online. I launched Dawn Schreiner Illustration, on Facebook, and friended everyone I knew. I decided to do a doodle everyday, to both hone my craft and create interest.

Initially, it was pen and ink doodles, since then I realized, I really wanted to work on my painting skills. It helped that, when I asked people to join my group, I offered to paint them. That, and word of mouth advertising helped make my venture successful. 

I'd love to hear from you, find me on my website or on facebook~

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