Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Inspiration in New Orleans

As the snow drifts down softening the earth with shades of white here in Vermont, I can't help but think back to last week where the bright textured colors of New Orleans infuse the city, where the azaleas are abloom already and where the breeze flows through open windows and trolleys.

We rented a small shotgun home around the quaint Magazine area, full of boutiques, cafes and the most wonderfully unique architecture. As a teen, we'd sneak away and drive from Little Rock to New Orleans to throw beads and flirt with cute boys, sloshing our pink hurricane drinks onto the streets, into the crowds and all over each other. Although we missed Mardi Gras this time, I was excited to share this beautiful, romantic, and often a little twisted city with my daughter. We caught up with some good friends, visited family, and I did a little research for my new project which I haven't officially announced :)
City Park, NOLA

Our little Nest was the one on the right, with the bright pink door~

I've never seen so many chandeliers
Royal St, The French Quarter
Visiting New Orleans gave me a burst of energy and inspiration that will have to carry me through these snow filled days in Vermont. Soon enough the first crocus will burst through the frozen earth offering hints of color that will soon explode and bring back that familiar pleasure. Until then, the warm colors, gritty textures and elegant southern charm of New Orleans will keep me company.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Do You Think I Should Win a B School Scholarship w/ Marie Forleo?

Hi dear ones, I believe we can all live in our Sweet Spots- a self defined place of success. It's up to us to create the life we want, and it IS possible! If you believe this to be true, support me by liking this video on Youtube so I win a scholarship to Marie Forleo's B School- Online Business School for Modern Entrepreneurs. Great possibilities exist for us all!  xo Desha

Sunday, February 10, 2013

See you on the Red Carpet Baby!

Yes, it's February and it's cold, but it won't stop us from donning our best frocks and having some fun on Feb 24 at the Latchis! Join Suzanne Kingsbury, Alfred Hughes and I on the RED CARPET where it's YOUR night to shine!  Walk down the red carpet in style, smile for the paparazzi and then be prepared to see yourself on the big screen while Suzanne and I get all the details about your designer wear. Who's wearing Experienced Goods? Suzanne might even give you a smack on the lips (if you're nice). 

*Hollywood’s Biggest Awards Ceremony Live at the Latchis*
a benefit for Latchis Arts
See the Glamour: On the Latchis Big Screen!
Be the Glamour: Strut the Red Carpet Like The Stars!

************   Drink Cocktails- Win Prizes!   ************          

HOLLYWOOD BRATTLEBORO – Wondering where to wear your killer couture this winter? Brattleboro’s finest will be out in full force February 24, 2013, at the Latchis Theatre’s See the Glamour, Be the Glamour red carpet gala in celebration of – what else? – the world’s most famous film awards ceremony.  (For trademark reasons, we can’t call it by its rightful name, but let’s just say, “We’d like to thank The Academy…”)

Come watch Hollywood’s glitterati strut their stuff on the Latchis Theatre’s big screen, where it will broadcast the 85th year of this awards ceremony live from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. Sashay down the red carpet, cast your vote for Best Picture, Best Actor or Best Actress, nibble a crudité, quaff a cocktail, sit back, and enjoy the show!

The Latchis will bring all the action to you, from the pre-ceremony’s grand entries and star interviews to those “special category” awards (remember the one for sound-mixing?). Watch the stars arrive with E! straight from the West Coast and see the entire show, hosted by comedian Seth MacFarlane.

As it is a milestone year for the Latchis, this is the first annual Latchis Arts benefit screening of this world famous awards celebration.  Admission to the screening is free, but there will be fund raising opportunities to support Latchis Arts throughout the night.

Don’t forget…dress your absolute best. The Latchis – just like the Academy – will be recognizing a winner at the end of the night in the category of Best Costume!

Check the Latchis Web site for updates and sneak-previews of what’s to come.

See you on the Red Carpet Baby!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Last night I spent  hours searching airfare to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, and then turned domestic. Florida? Anywhere I can replace the snow with sand, but it is kind of pretty, isn't it?

View from my window. Inspired by wood bird.
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