Friday, December 31, 2010

My Cutey Husband Making Art: artist series take 1

As I think about developing The Desha Show and all the artists I want to interview, I am getting restless to share their stories (editing and producing a show is not as easy as I thought, and I found out it takes a whole bunch of time!). So, in the meantime, I've decided to highlight some cool folks on my blog. It's an artist series and here's my first one. As the theme in my life goes right now, why not just start where you are.

Turns out, sometimes you don't have to look very far~

Last night, I was in the dining room working on a little art project, when my husband emerged from the basement with some cool stencils. He said he was also working on a little project, so we sat in the dining room working along side one another.

He was working on two projects. The first is a  thank you card he was making to our dear friends for his favorite Christmas present, a crazy pair of elf looking, wool slippers homemade by women half way around the world who are somehow savings cheetahs.... anyway...

Above, you'll see the letter, which he folded up and placed in  a clever little pocket.

little details.

The bottom part of the piece is a stencil he made which means Rock and Roll in Japanese. 
Wouldn't you want to get this in the mail?

The second is  a street art project inspired by the movie Exit through the Gift Shop, which you should check out. The story is about an amateur filmmaker who gets obsessed documenting the most notorious street artist and then puts everything on the line to become an artist himself. You have to watch it to find out if he succeeds or not :) Quite suspenseful. Really, it's a crazy good story.

In the works.

Here's the end product, which Matt posted in town randomly. If you live in Brattleboro, let me know if you see it! Sorry Aida & Rick, I tried to get him to send these to you, but he had his own vision :)

...if you like Matt's art, you should let him know:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On Design: Table Love

Barnwood Coffee Table -- Custom Sizes Available

I could see this rustic beauty in my LR. 
How bout' your own self? Barn Wood Coffee Table, $450;

On Design: Chairs

On Design:

Check out these amazing chairs from Leslie Oschmann, found on my favorite design blog Decor8 which i read DAILY!
Sara, take note.

Swarm, Leslie Oschmann

Friday, December 10, 2010

Instanbul Dream Design Trip

Instanbul Dream Design Trip
Instanbul Dream Design Trip by desha Peacock featuring low heel boots

Exploring the magical bazaar's of Istanbul on my cool weather Istanbul design trip with my fashionista friends and design guides.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dance Contest Video as seen on BCTV

No TV? Missed the live dance contest? Come see the edited "for TV" version of the Brattleboro HOT Dance Contest, as aired on BCTV. Bring a finger food or beverage to share- alcohol just fine. Kids welcome, too.

Dec 18th, Saturday, 7pm- 8pm
Lumniz Dance Studio, Brattleboro, VT

Monday, November 29, 2010

What's wrong with Miss Polyanna?

It's Thanksgiving weekend and I just read one of my favorite blog's by Holly Becker of Decor 8. She describes what she's thankful for and asks her audience to comment. A discussion arose on the theme of positive thinking and the Pollyanna syndrome. Interestingly enough, this is a topic I think about daily and my views on the topic are what is forming the overall theme of The Desha Show.

What is wrong with thinking positively? Some people are annoyed with us positive thinkers. They say "you don't understand because you don't know hardship". So, if life is really bad, than it's hard to think in a positive light? And it's easier for those who are "more blessed"?

I agree with Holly that being positive is more a state of mind that one can have regardless of their life experience. In fact, some people who are hit hard, mange to have the most success. Look at Oprah W. who grew up poor and was sexually abused as youngster. She had it rough, but she was intent on making her life BIG. And I think you all can agree it certainly is. But, what of those who have the same experience as Oprah and do not make it big, but continue to suffer in poverty and worse?

My personal belief is that we get what we focus on in our thoughts. Have you ever met a person who is constantly experiencing bad things? Car broke down, lost keys, in the middle of a divorce..... as they continue to focus on this drama, more comes, and more and so on. It happens to the best of us.

Thinking positively means that we allow ourselves to move beyond the negative things that sometimes occur, and CHOOSE to focus on the brighter side, and magically for those who do this, there is a brighter side to life. And then you ask, what about all those suffering people who have nothing in less fortunate countries? Well, I've been to many of those countries and I have seen immense joy coming from those who are poor monetarily, but they are rich in joy. I've also seen those who have it all and are depressed. My point is, it's not about what you have or don't have. It's about what you choose to feel, the story you choose to tell about your life and what you choose to focus on.

I'm not saying it's easy to do, but choosing to be happy is a state of mind that we can all achieve, if given the focus.

But how? How does one evoke joy when you feel bad? As my friend Craig Cullinane says, "Gratitude is the key to Abundance & and  Joy". If I find myself feeling bad, I try to think of something I'm grateful for. Try it. It's impossible to be angry or super sad when recalling what you are grateful for.

Okay, so, here's what I'm grateful for (not necessarily in order):

1. My beautiful, healthy family
2. My warm, cozy home
3. My amazing friends
4. My career
5. My show and it's evolution and all those helping me to make it happen
6. My intention buddies in both circles

I am so thankful for the joy in my life, for my travel experiences, for my personal growth and for all those who support and encourage me. I'm grateful for role models, mentors, and spiritual guides. I'm grateful for books. I'm grateful for beauty, both natural and man-made.

Oh yes, and I'm ever so grateful for Anthropologie.

xoxo desha

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

on practicality: a quiz

(answer below)

My oven blew out several months ago (3, 4?) but I've been searching for the perfect chandelier for even longer. When you're on a budget, how is one to choose? The practical oven, or glistening chandelier?

I find that I often have these dilemmas. Like when I took my 3 yr old to Mexico to escape the cold last Jan and convinced my best friend from CA to bring her 5 month old and meet me at the airport in Cancun. Practical? If my daughter wouldn't have gotten a bad cough, and that cold spell wouldn't have passed through, it would have been PERFECT.

Or, like when I was 12 and had a key made to my mothers car while she took a nap. Practical? Not so much, but industrious for sure. And it did get me to the mall when I skipped school.

And today, I took the day off and drove an hour and a half to New Haven, CT to spend some quality time with my friend, Anthropologie. It's okay, my boss knows (why do you think they made such a thing as personal days? To go to the Dentist? Don't be silly.) 

Now, don't get me wrong, I can be practical. I get myself and my daughter to work and school just about daily. Pay the mortgage. Cook dinner (sometimes). And do lots of other practical things, like buy a Subaru instead of a convertible (well, the one with giant  sunroof). BUT, sometimes a girl just needs to have some fun, no? Thus, instead of diligently paying off my visa, I opted to purchase this lovely silk dress.

Need I say more? 
 It's light, it's airy, it's SOFT. 
It actually seems to float. 
It's the perfect remedy for these cold dreary days. 

So maybe it is practical to treat yourself sometimes.
Isn't keeping your sanity through a little sun and silk, practical? 

My Answer to the Quiz:
You'd be surprised what a toaster oven can do :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


10 amazing dancers/dance groups performed for a full house on Sat Nov 6 at Luminz dance studio at the
Brattleboro HOT Dance Contest. Thanks to all those who helped make the night so brilliant!

~ I couldn't be more pleased~



Artis Cummings won the $500 first prize performing an amazing mix of Lyrical Hip Hop & Animatronics. 

I met Artis at Look Park in Florence, MA over the summer. He was doing flips in a field and I was like, "hey you need to be in my dance contest." He started dancing right there for Iyla & I, and that was that. He attends HS in West Springfield. Isn't he just a doll?

Okay, speaking of dolls, how about Marshall Jarreau, coming into a VERY CLOSE second place winning $250 with an ELECTRIC mix of Afro Jazz. Absolutely amazing. 

Performing a creative mix of Capoeira, Modern and African Dance, Jahnavi Newson won 3rd place. I love that growling mix that came in towards the end: FIERCE.

Here we have a lovely pic of Dakini Borealis performing a beautiful Improv Piece with Multi- Media. 

I just love these kids from W. Springfield, Mhercaedeez Pinkney & Gary Allen really ROCKED it with their Jazzy Hip Hop Mix. So much energy and so much joy. 
p.s. guys, I'm really glad you didn't fall off my ROOF.

Who doesn't love Gershom Moore?? A local talent, we all see this guy around town, and I finally got to see him perform his unique Temple Rockin' style. GO G.

I LOVED the quirky, creative Euro-Pop performance by Brooke Paige and Meg Van Dyck. 

Jaskarm Desjardins (can you think of a more beautiful name?) performed an edgy Hip Hop piece.
I think she needs to be the spokeswomen for girl power. Don't you?

How can I tell you how much I love watching Cyndal Ellis with her Tribal Fusion Belly Dance?
In one word: SENSUAL. 

Abdou Sarr & Fleurita (not shown) came out like a burst of lightening and the energy did not slow down with their explosive African Sabar dance. Are we in Brattleboro???

Thanks again to Aurora at Luminz, Craig my handsome co-MC, Ian on film, Ezra and Matt on set up, my awesome judges, Richard Oaxaca on FIRE, all the local businesses who donated to the cause, and most of all to the dancers who took a risk and shared their passion with us. 
Thank you.


Monday, October 25, 2010

NOV 6: Come to Brattleboro's HOT Dance Contest


Don't miss a night of fun, creative and energetic entertainment!!

Dancers have been chosen, and now it's up to YOU, the audience to choose the top 3 dance groups that will win CASH prizes up to $500 and a chance to be on the Desha Show, a new local TV show airing in Jan 2011.

Mark your calendars, I hope to see you there ~

Click here for Directions to Luminz Dance Studio

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dance Contest Registration Form
Application Form for the Brattleboro Dance Contest

This Form is due no later than October 20, 2010.

There’s to be a dance contest in Brattleboro, Vermont! Three happy winners will perform an opening dance on a new local TV show, The Desha Show, which will be streamed on-line for the world to see. In addition, three winners will take away CASH PRIZES, up to $500 for the #1 dance routine.

The Desha Show is looking for talented dancers who love to perform and are looking for a venue to showcase their passion for dance. We are looking for performers who blend a variety of unexpected dance styles and music. Dance groups are especially encouraged to enter, although strong solo performers should also apply.

                                    Winners will be judged on:

                                                    • Creativity
                                          • Energy
                                          • Talent

10 to 12 dancers/groups will be chosen to perform in front of a live audience at 8pm, Saturday, November 6, 2010 at Luminz Dance Studio in Brattleboro. The top three winners will have the opportunity to be on 4 TV shows over the next year, performing 4 different dance routines. Dances should be no more than 3 minutes in length!

Please fill out this form and send in a sample of your work, such as a video on utube.
Application Form

Phone number:
Name of Dance Group:
How many in your dance group?
Affiliation (are you affiliated with any dance company or studio?):
Type of dance:
Link to where I can see you work on-line:

Dancers must submit an application by October 20. Please email this form to:

You will be informed by Oct 25, whether you have made it to the competition, and will receive more information regarding rehearsal and filming at that time.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ode to Summer on the 1st day of Fall

 I LOVE spring & I LOVE Summer.
Lots of people love fall, and it is beautiful here with the leaves changing colors and all that jazz, but to be honest it just reminds me that winter is on it's way bringing all that COLD, COLD air. The snow is pretty, but good Lord, is winter ever long here in Antarctica, i.e. Vermont.


So, on this first day of fall, I would like to immortalize my beloved garden, and celebrate summer and all it's vibrant colors.

Summer, I will miss you.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Solid Gold

Solid Gold Dancers, '85 (hold on baby, it's coming)

If you don't know the Sold Gold Dancers, you are really missing out. Solid Gold was one of my favorite shows, along with Dance Fever and later, In Living Colors (with the those hot Fly Girls). The whole show centered around these dances for me. Love it.

And for my show, we are gonna have DANCERS. AND, I NEED DANCERS. So, we're gonna have a DANCE CONTEST.

The dance contest is vital to the show because I can't start the show without the dance at the begining.

I'm looking for some fast paced, energtic dancing- especially in short spurts. And why not be creative about it? I would love to see combined styles of dance with music you wouldn't expect. Some jerkin' with some ballet and maybe old funk music? Who knows, it's wide open. 

The dancers will be judged on the following criteria:
  • Creativity
  • Energy
  • Talent
I'm so excited by the idea of a competion in which local folks can get together and show off. It's a great way to showcase local talent. Are you interested??
Here's what I have to do:

Pick a venue and the date. I'm shooting for October. I think it's gonna be Luminz Studio because it's got a good vibe and reasonable rental rate, not to meniton it's already chock full of interesting dancers. PLUS, it's down the street from my house. Bonus.

Get the dancers. I need to send a flier with info to the local dance schools and other folks in town to spread the word. Maybe this flier will be the same as the PR flier (not sure). I've already got sevearal dancers intersted who are ready to go, for sure.

Dancers register and send promo video. I'll need to pick the top tier dancers for the contest, because the show will last one hour and each dance will last around 3 min max, plus time for voting. So, maybe 15 dance groups (or individuals if really good).

Advertise the show. Luminz can hold 60 audience members, and I intend to pack it in tight.

Get dinero. I really need some cashola because I'd love to give a cash prize to the winners. I'm guessing $1000 bucks for the rental and prizes is good. I'd love for the grand prize winner to receive $500 bucks.

Music. I need a DJ.

MC. Need one.

Wanta help? Shoot me an email:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vermont Living: Gail's Organic Farmstand

Nothing beats a Sunday morning at Gail's Organic Farm Stand, tucked away on MacArthur Road in Marlboro, Vermont. You've got to be there at 9:00 am to enjoy Robin and Ty's organic coffee and homemade berry scones, but it's worth it. A couple of weeks ago, I went for a visit to get some footage of the stand and the Sunday morning scene that goes with it. 

Here's some photos to share until I learn how to actually make a film...

Get your farm fresh produce, eggs, berries and more. 

Here's a fine example of "more". I couldn't resist bringing home this beauty. A plum cake made with hints of lemon and brandy, made by Jill Hulme.  
Who could walk away from this, I ask?

Bring your city kids here to taste a real cherry tomato for the 1st time.
Worked for me.


Did I mention, you can pick your own ORGANIC berries?

Gail. The woman behind it all.

Robin and Ty serve Mocha Joe's Organic Coffee, a local favorite.

A little Sunday snooze is par for the course. 

Vermont Living.
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