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Now offering one- on- one life/career coaching sessions via SWEET SPOT STYLE Coaching, with a special introductory rate. This is a super SWEET deal if you need help discovering or taking action towards living in your SWEET SPOT!   Look here for more info and stay connected here.  xo Desha

Hello, Hello! I'm glad you found this page, because this is where the magic happens. If you haven't gathered from my blog/show, I'm a multi-passionate gal and I love helping people discover their "sweet spot" a self-defined place of success.

I recently purchased Danielle LaPorte's book The Fire Starter Sessions, "A Soulful and Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms", rated #1 on Amazon in success, motivation, and entrepreneurship. By page two, I decided I needed to create a group around this book. As a career counselor, I've worked with hundreds of people looking to find their way, and I love this book because it helps people get to their core desired feelings, push through the fear and answer those burning questions like, "What do I really want?".

Fire Makers from my 1st Session, Summer 2012

Much like Julia Cameron's famous Artist Way this book can be used as a tool for personal transformation and growth. I personally tore through the book in just a couple of days- but here's the thing- YOU NEED TO DO THE EXERCISES. And it's even more powerful when you get out of your own head and process it with a group of like-minded, positive people. 

So... I've created a group that does just that. 

This is an 8 week commitment with the goal of helping you become clear about WHAT YOU WANT and then taking ACTION steps each week toward getting closer to that ideal. It's perfect if you are thinking of a career transition, want to start your own business, or simply need the time and space to    get clear about the next step in your career. 

Since I bought the book, I've facilitated 3 sold-out sessions, each with 100% positive feedback:

"I loved having homework and sharing it with each other and processing it, even though it was intense to fit it in. That was invaluable. Having reflectors was incredible. We had such trust and concern for each other, and that was, and is, like nothing else. Thank you thank you thank you!!!" Artist, Natalie Blake

"I cracked open some fear and resentment I had built up about a career I love, allowing me to focus on how I felt when I was in my groove , so I could tap back into that joy. I also like the support of a group of women looking at similar issues and that we had a backbone of material to work from, the book, and then could challenge each other on those topics, but from our own spirit.  I appreciate your guidance & participation." Laura Frank, Live Entertainment Technology Specialist

Comments from the Marlboro College One-Day Fire Starter Retreat:

"It definitely gave me some inspirational ideas to jump start some of the projects that I have been putting off for years now"
"Helped self-reflect what is important to me, need to spend more time stoking the fire"
"This work made me feel less helpless/discouraged"
"It was an effective day away. I appreciate the time for ME with some interaction with others."
"This retreat clarified for me that I am passionate about teaching and practicing core integration"
"Being here validated my desires to move on, change and be proactive"
Winter Session 2012
The next session will start in January in a downtown Brattleboro location. For more information, check out the Facebook Group  or write to

The Price: $125-$195 sliding scale.

UPDATE: The January Session is FULL. Please check back for the next class in summer 2013. 

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