Friday, December 31, 2010

My Cutey Husband Making Art: artist series take 1

As I think about developing The Desha Show and all the artists I want to interview, I am getting restless to share their stories (editing and producing a show is not as easy as I thought, and I found out it takes a whole bunch of time!). So, in the meantime, I've decided to highlight some cool folks on my blog. It's an artist series and here's my first one. As the theme in my life goes right now, why not just start where you are.

Turns out, sometimes you don't have to look very far~

Last night, I was in the dining room working on a little art project, when my husband emerged from the basement with some cool stencils. He said he was also working on a little project, so we sat in the dining room working along side one another.

He was working on two projects. The first is a  thank you card he was making to our dear friends for his favorite Christmas present, a crazy pair of elf looking, wool slippers homemade by women half way around the world who are somehow savings cheetahs.... anyway...

Above, you'll see the letter, which he folded up and placed in  a clever little pocket.

little details.

The bottom part of the piece is a stencil he made which means Rock and Roll in Japanese. 
Wouldn't you want to get this in the mail?

The second is  a street art project inspired by the movie Exit through the Gift Shop, which you should check out. The story is about an amateur filmmaker who gets obsessed documenting the most notorious street artist and then puts everything on the line to become an artist himself. You have to watch it to find out if he succeeds or not :) Quite suspenseful. Really, it's a crazy good story.

In the works.

Here's the end product, which Matt posted in town randomly. If you live in Brattleboro, let me know if you see it! Sorry Aida & Rick, I tried to get him to send these to you, but he had his own vision :)

...if you like Matt's art, you should let him know:

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  1. Good post, I wouldd name it as Man at work :) always a good sight seeing people spending time to make art work. Thank you for sharing such nice post


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