Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dar Tavernier-Singer

Brattleboro, VT attracts a lot of artists, musicians, and other creative types. People choose to live here even though the economy is tiny because it's a lifestyle where one can create. It's pretty common to hear the term "piecing it together" in reference to the all consuming question, "what do you do?". 
We piece it together and somehow it works. 

In fact, by piecing it together we are allowed to tap into multiple selves and get away from that awful thing called "specialization". 

I prefer to celebrate and admire those who are boldly multi-talented- like this Vermonter, Dar Tavernier-Singer.  She describes herself as an artist, graphic designer, chocolatier, magpie and bowerbird. She has two Etsy sites, both with a small but beautiful selection of handmade items. Below are a few of my favorites.
Etched in water buffalo bone, this scrimshaw piece was made with waterproof sepia ink that was sealed with a beeswax resin, & strung on a delicate filigree copper chain with copper lobster clasp. By Dar on akimbaMade.
two initials etched side-by-side on one face of an oval disc, which spins to say "beloved"
on the other, both in graceful script
Imagine getting one of these necklaces in the mail. Delightful!
Flour sack cotton towels, hand printed with antique hand-carved Indian woodblock
Simple and Beautiful Hand Towels by Flo & Ella, named after Dar's Grandmothers
~Visit Dar's blog, Bucolic Splendor, for more visual goodies and tell her to keep multi-tasking~

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