Monday, October 8, 2012

Episode 7: Nantucket is here!!

The Desha Show proudly presents Episode 7 in Nantucket!  This is a home-grown episode made with pure love (and hardly any cash), so if you like this video please consider using Vimeo's new feature, the TIP JAR, where you can donate between $1-$500 per person. Donations will allow me to make more episodes, which is helping me live my dreams of showing my daughter the world and sharing inspiration/beauty globally. Click on the TIP JAR below the video on Vimeo and show your support today. Thank you!

Dioness Beach, Nantucket

Episode 7: NANTUCKET!!
Join Desha, her family and local guides in this cultural travel documentary on the island of Nantucket, one of the most beautiful (and expensive!) places to vacation in the US. In this episode we'll explore diverse perspectives of the island's culture and ecology by visiting the Whaling Museum, taking a tour with the Coskata Wildlife Refuge and more. We'll visit some of the most beautiful beaches, bike to Sconset and show you how to have a good time on the Island, even if you're not a millionaire! For more on things to do in Nantucket, please see this guide

Extra special thank you to my wonderful assistant Juliette Sutherland and her family for showing us their special Nantucket. And to Red Heart the Ticker for the music, it warms my heart to hear it here. 


  1. Desha, this is amazing! I periodically have checked your blog after BYW 2.0... Can't wait to see the next one. -Mia

  2. Thanks Mia! So nice to hear from you. I was just thinking, we should write posts on what's happened since BYW 2.0- want to? xo Desha

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  4. This is so great! I can't wait to go to Nantucket next year!

  5. Yes Dede- I can't wait to go back too!


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