Saturday, November 10, 2012

Love to My Soul Sisters

I just had to share this sweet invitation because it warms my heart and I would like to encourage anyone out there who is working on their dreams to form a support group of some kind.

It's hard to admit your dreams to yourself, and even harder to share those delicate dreams with others,  BUT if you can find or form a group of like-minded souls who can consistently support and love you through all the drama of real life, then you have a much better chance of actually making your dream become a reality. How do I know? Because I'm living it sista!

I've been on a roller coaster of emotions during this last year and a half and I wouldn't be able to continue this path without some serious encouragement and support. For the past 8 weeks, I've been facilitating a powerful session called Fire Starters with an amazing group of creative women. A few weeks ago, I was out of town and asked a friend to facilitate the group.  While I was gone, my dear group came up with the idea of throwing a party to "help advance Desha's dreams".

My Awesome Fire Starter Soul Sisters
They've planned a lovely party and as you can see from the above invitation, it's going to be a really fun and beautiful event. We'll watch my latest episode of The Desha Show, "Life on Nantucket" and look at my new book proposal, Eclectic LifeSTYLE.

I'm honored and a bit nervous about this whole thing. I haven't shown my book proposal to ANYONE except my agent. In fact, I haven't even said a word about it on this blog... but there you have it, I'm working on a book proposal :)

If you have experience/interest with design, fashion, style, film, social media, SEO, TV... we'd love to see you there. It's Sat, November 17 at 6pm. 
RSVP to Susie: 
Thank you to all my dear Fire Starters. You are the BEST!

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