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Enhabiten Sweet Spot HOME

Welcome. I'm writing a series called Sweet Spot HOME about how people are creatively expressing themselves in their homes while infusing values, meaning and personal style into home decor. I'm fascinated by this concept and hope to share many more homes here. See my first post with writer/musician Robin MacArthur here. If you would like to join in, please leave a comment below and share this with others who might be interested~

Today, we are lucky to get a sneak peak at the home of Etsy shop owner Liane of Enhabiten. Isn't it inspiring to read about someone who is doing creative work they love and making a living at it? That's Liane! Make sure and check out her shop, she's got some lovely handmade items there perfect for your holiday gift list. 

Can you tell me a bit about you? What is Enhabiten
i studied painting in college, then married young to my high school love and raised 3 kids full time (now 14, 20 and 22) while working a variety of odd-jobs.  now i'm single and working full time at enhabiten, which i started in 2009.  enhabiten began as simply a creative outlet to keep my hands and mind busy but it turned into much more.  it's a mostly textile-based little business but i think of it as an open-ended creative exercise.  it may or may not evolve into something different.  it pays the bills which thrills me.  you can tell a lot about what's important to me by what i make.  i'm a tactile person hence the textile use.  i love the feeling, comfort and concept of "home".  as well, issues of lifestyle, environmental responsibility and sustainability are primary concerns for me, hence the materials i choose to use.

You just moved into your new home, what are you doing to make it feel good to you?
back in august i moved into a small two room cottage.  it appealed to me because it had some nice old woodwork, a little wood stove and private outdoor space.  my 14 yo has the one bedroom and i got creative in the main room with a handmade barn board day bed which doubles as a sofa. so far, i've done some staining and painting.  my mind is always busy considering what else i'd like to do here to make it a more personal space.  i have to pace myself though as i devote time to my business.

How does your home reflect who you are, your values, aspirations, or creative expression?
when i moved here i brought very little with me from my previous home and life.  although i'm constantly mulling ideas over in my head it's slow going in terms of decorating and accumulating the "things" we surround ourselves with in our homes.  i think this reflects where i'm at in my life right now anyway.  i've realized i'm not a pack rat and lots of stuff in my environment makes me feel unsettled so this period of my life actually complements that well.  small spaces force you to edit and keep things tidy.

Do you have a space that's just for you? If so, what's it's purpose?
it's just me and my son eli here and he has his own bedroom so in many ways this place is more "my own" than any other in the past.  the main room is my space.

What's your ideal life look like?
i suppose very different than in the past, i'm not looking toward the future as a "better" iteration than the present.  this feels like a big relief to me and helps me to focus on here and now.  but i'd have to say that i do hope to own my own little place someday (i currently rent) and i want to have outdoor space where i can grow my own food and maybe raise some animals.  i want to continue to do creative work for myself in order to support myself.  i want to be in control of my own time and creative energy.  i also want to apply the principles of environmental sustainability to all aspects of my life.

What do you love about your life right now?
i love do the work i do.  i love looking back on my mothering years and seeing the people my kids have grown to be.  and i appreciate the personal time i have now that those early parenting years are waning.

THANK YOU Liane for sharing your home and story.
If you would like to join us, please leave a comment below. I want to hear your story~ xo Desha


  1. I enjoyed this interview (and the photos) of my friend Liane
    that girl has so much talent in her head & in her hands !

  2. Thanks for stopping by Sonia, I couldn't agree with you more!
    xo Desha


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