Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Inspiration in New Orleans

As the snow drifts down softening the earth with shades of white here in Vermont, I can't help but think back to last week where the bright textured colors of New Orleans infuse the city, where the azaleas are abloom already and where the breeze flows through open windows and trolleys.

We rented a small shotgun home around the quaint Magazine area, full of boutiques, cafes and the most wonderfully unique architecture. As a teen, we'd sneak away and drive from Little Rock to New Orleans to throw beads and flirt with cute boys, sloshing our pink hurricane drinks onto the streets, into the crowds and all over each other. Although we missed Mardi Gras this time, I was excited to share this beautiful, romantic, and often a little twisted city with my daughter. We caught up with some good friends, visited family, and I did a little research for my new project which I haven't officially announced :)
City Park, NOLA

Our little Nest was the one on the right, with the bright pink door~

I've never seen so many chandeliers
Royal St, The French Quarter
Visiting New Orleans gave me a burst of energy and inspiration that will have to carry me through these snow filled days in Vermont. Soon enough the first crocus will burst through the frozen earth offering hints of color that will soon explode and bring back that familiar pleasure. Until then, the warm colors, gritty textures and elegant southern charm of New Orleans will keep me company.


  1. Wonderful photos!! Whimsical, inspiring, fun-filled New Orleans!

  2. I have never been... reading your travel pieces fills me with adventure :)

  3. That skirt is so cute!
    Jillian -


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