Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sweet Spot Article in Amulet Magazine!! Win Your Free Copy!!

Have you read Amulet Magazine? It is rapidly becoming my favorite online mag... the combo of stunning photography, great design and sensual/powerful female energy is too hard to resist. When I read the first issue, I poured over the bios of each contributor. You know you want something when you feel a tinge of jealousy, right?  So, it's extra yummy to see my name and bio listed as a contributor this month. Yes!!

This article is extra special to me b/c it was inspired by a poem read by writing shaman and friend, Suzanne Kingsbury during her Tuesday night Salon at the dollhouse.  And not only that, but the piece is accompanied by photos from gal pal and creative cohort extraordinaire, Elle James.  Doubly sweet!! 

You can read the article in two ways.
1. Enter to win a free online copy of Amulet, see below for details.
2. Or, just buy it right now and get ready to fall in love. 


1. Like Sweet Spot Style and Amulet Magazine on Facebook.
2. And then, leave a comment below (or on FB) and tell me one way you are embracing fall this year.

I will pick a winner one week from today on Sunday, Sept 29 so make sure and enter for your chance to win your free online copy of Amulet now!

Happy first day of fall... may you find your Sweet Spot within the shadows this season.
xo Desha


  1. Ohh I just found Amulet Magazine through your facebook post and I'm already in love! And congrats on the article!

    I ring in fall the same way every year: new pair of cozy socks, a pot of hot spiced cider, a roaring fire, and "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"

    1. That's a great way to start fall Angie! Glad you found Amulet, I'm so proud to be part of it. I'll enter you in the contest to win this issue :)

  2. Whoot! Fantastical.

    I am embracing the industry that comes with the crispness in the air. I always feel this seasonal shift as a jump start to creativity and productivity. I'm also welcoming Autumn with squash soup and hot chocolate because, well, these things are important.

    1. I agree spunmonkey, there is something about the energy of this time of year, maybe it has to do with going back to school, or being rested (hopefully) in the summer, or some energetic pull that pops us into gear, preparing us for the colder months that will soon approach. Great to hear from you~

  3. Apples. Peaches. Plums. Winter greens from our CSA. Acorn squash, baked in the oven, and filled with Vermont Maple Syrup. Raking leaves. Throwing leaves. Playing in the leaves with my children!! The bounty of autumn. It's not soo bad ;)

    1. you make it sound pretty good, Stasia :)

  4. I would love to find my sweet spot in my home ,but would also ,like others to feel welcome there .


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