Saturday, October 5, 2013

Make Art.

Sometimes I forget how fun making art is. Ah, it can be such a stress-reliever. Today, I took Iyla and her friend to the River Gallery School of Art to check out their Word and Image Workshop, which included  brush paining, collage, calligraphy, letter setting, and book binding. We did it all! Carol and Donna were so patient helping the girls (and me!) make sweet little journals and after Iyla's friend said "this was the BEST day ever!" I think they did a pretty good job, right?

Check out the after school art classes for kids, scholarships are available!

xo Desha


  1. Kids have really done a good job. They enjoy art a lot as it enables them to express through colours which they may not be able to do so, otherwise. You are doing a good job.


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