Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Desha Show: Episode 1

The Desha Show Episode 1 is here NOW and will be shown on BCTV live next week, date TBA. I'm so pleased with the outcome and love this interview with Suzanne Kingsbury, published author, teacher, and all around cutey pie!

I waited to release it today b/c it's my birthday :) I hope you are inspired by Suzanne's words and hope you will share it with your friends, post it to your blog, or on Facebook.

Thank you for spreading the word and thanks for watching!

The Desha Show - Episode One from Desha Peacock on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for Episode 2, featuring artist Daniel Kornguth and The Brattleboro HOT dancers!


  1. Congrats on your first episode and Happy Birthday, Desha!


    p.s. I have the same anthro mug as you in the intro to your show. =)

  2. Nice work D! Congratulations on a great beginning to an inspirational series.

  3. Ha, ha- thanks Jennie, I do love anthro!

  4. OMG f-ing amazing. My jaw is dropped and heart is open



  5. This is a great interview! I like your blog, I think I will come back and read your posts and be inspired!

  6. Good morning Desha . . I found your blog and 1st episode from the BYW yahoo group . . I didn't realize we were classmates. Anyway, I was so inspired by this interview, and by your own endeavors here . . it's wonderful all of it. I will be interested to see where you take it. I wrote a post about it . . thank you for inspiring me today!

  7. just saw your note Desha, and oh my goodness! yes, i'm from little rock, too! i thought i heard a hint of accent in your voice .. and i was trying to place where you were posting from -- then i saw VT and was completely confused, not knowing anything about that part of the country. But now it makes sense .. that's just too amazing .. loved hearing that!

  8. Ha ha! I was just browsing your blog and LOVE IT. So funny, that you are also from LR! And crazy that I wanted to move to Fort Collins at one point~
    I'm going to post a link about your blog, do have a fave picture or two you could send (your sweet etsy art, maybe?) You could send it to me

    thanks again!

  9. Hey lady.

    What to say but brava y encore.

    Your sincere interest in Suzanne's story shines thru.

    The edits were so well done.

    "The universe works on an interesting time."

    "Have that beautiful fantasy."

    "Give to receive."

    "If you keep it inside, it's not going to grow."

    Congratulations D.

    I'm so curious about your palm readiing... xox

    Mwah mwah mwah

  10. Mary, you are so kind dear friend! Yes, Suzanne shines and I believe her message. AND the palm reading.... AMAZING insights. xoxo

  11. Oh my goodness, I love both of you! What a fascinating and inspiring interview and show. I see Suzanne on the street sometimes but am too shy to talk to her, it's so interesting to hear and see her. Love the metaphysical aspects too. Can't wait for more of TDS yo!

  12. Hey Prof Kitty, you should talk to Suzanne if you see her, she's SUPER nice and approachable. Thanks for your comments!

  13. Desha-so inspired by this interview so glad I clicked on it...I'm behind you all the way; I think you are a natural!

  14. Since I need to get packing for our trip tomorrow, I was just going to watch the first 5 minutes. But I was totally sucked in and watched the whole thing! What a great, inspiring interview. Now I see what all the fuss was about on BYW. Congrats! XOL

  15. Thanks Happy Homemaker, I'm glad you got sucked in, that's a good sign, right! Hope you have a great trip and let's stay in touch!

  16. Yay Desha! Just watched the first (of many, I'm sure) episode & wanted to drop a comment to let you know I'm peeking in on you. Love you! Miss you! Awesome to see little toot SO BIG on here as well. Oh my. Time does pass.

    All the best for you and your big dreams.

  17. Thanks Erin, I miss you, too. Would love to catch up my dear and love to hear what's happening on your end~ xoxo

  18. Dear Desha, Hi, I am Lydia, a former BYW classmate, who was basically a wallflower in the class. I watched your show, and in addition to loving it, I am happy to see you living your dream.

    You are a natural in front of the camera, your questions are relevant and articulate--the perfect host. No one would guess that you are a novice host. Also, since you have a unique name, it is awesome that you have the little beauty pronounce it for the audience. Finally, I have no experience in film or television shows so this comes from the perspective of an audience member, but at the beginning of the show is it possible to slow it a bit so that we can see more of you and get a real flavor of what you are doing? In sum, I really enjoyed you and your show and can't wait for the second episode, and though the reach of my blog is not far, I would gladly recommend it. Oh, and happy belated birthday! I hope that it was wonderful.


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