Friday, April 15, 2011

No longer a virgin....

The Offering, Studio En Rouge

The Desha Show was featured on someone else's blog for the very first time

Karla, from Studio En Rouge, is a musician and artist out of Fort Collins, CO. 

She's from Little Rock, Arkansas (where I'm also originally from, and where I might add- there is a plethora of creative spirits.)

Read Karla's post on The Desha Show here.

Check out Karla's super sweet art on Etsy here

Nice to meet you Karla!


  1. This is too much! I'm just smiling here because I popped over to your blog again just to see about the Little Rock conversation we had going .. and for a split second I thought I was on MY blog when I saw my little birds sitting there. I wasn't expecting this darling little post .. thank you Desha .. this is so nice .. just lovely. It's really been fun today with the little surprises and connections. I'll be back to visit! Have a good weekend! : )

  2. Wel, I just couldn't wait to share your art, cause it's my style and so ironic we are both from LR... So these connections are just really cool. oxoxo

  3. Hi there, I look forward to following your fun blog, do stop by newsproutart someday and say hello. I love this image of the two love birds. It just captures my heart.

  4. Hi Miss Desha,
    I wanted to stop by and take a look at The Desha Show, and let you know how completely impressed I am by it! I recently finished the BYW course, and saw your comment in the BYW Yahoo group, and just wanted you to know what an excellent job you did. You have a voice MADE for interviewing! Congratulations, and I can't wait for the second installment!
    xo Deirdre
    Oh, I forgot to mention....I lived in Little Rock when I was younger, in The Heights area. What a small world!

  5. Thanks to both newsprout and dkmart, I will check out your blogs tonight, once the little one is asleep- stealing moments to check in now, you all are so super kind to stop by and watch my show- it's dear to my heart, so feels good to get it out there and have others see it!

    dk- I used to live in Hillcrest, LOVE the heights. LR is a great place!
    More later... :)


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