Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stripe Mania Photo Shoot

We've gone mad for Stripe Mania, the baby of Holly Becker from decor8 and boy pal Igor Josif. It's a phenomena that inspired us to have a our very own STRIPE MANIA PHOTO SHOOT.
Why you ask? 
For FUN, that's why.
It's good to be Queen.

Did someone say STRIPES?

Yes, they are real stripes, Sarah.


  1. what fun, you guys rocked it! sorry to miss the stripe party, i sure do have a lot of those in my wardrobe!

  2. SO cool! everyone looks like they had a Great time being Stripey!!

  3. this is very awesome ... what speaks to me more than the visual {which is amazing}, is that you seem to be acting out your dreams and not holding back. i think it takes courage -- i'm inspired by this post! {... and you are so lucky to have a group of friends who can share in your vision}. keep going Desha!

  4. YES! Looks like a blast! You are so creative, Desha.

  5. Thanks Quinn, Anastasia, Karla, and Jennie- you are all So sweet and kind!

  6. i love the creative energy and fun whirlwind of these photos. made me want to be there on the leather couches and velvet chairs and wooden hallways. inspiring to imagine you putting it all together and capturing it on camera. keep it up!!

  7. Yes Diana, it was a group effort and we all had a blast making it happen, that's the key right- keep it fun~


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