Friday, June 17, 2011

Artist Daniel Kornguth is meeting his goal!

Congrats to Daniel Kornguth for living his dream, and getting the cash to make it happen! As you might recall, Daniel was recently featured on The Desha Show and took the Artist Challenge.

One of his goals was to produce his Equionox Comic Book. He immediately got busy and started a Kickstarter campaign to fund his project (hey, wishing is great, but we need to put some action behind our dreams, ya know? and he did!)

So.... Daniel's project is not only funded, it's OVER FUNDED. That's right cats. He asked for a cool 5 grand, and got close to 6000! Thus proving my personal motto (well, one of many)- You have to ASK to RECEIVE.

We're going to keep following Daniel through the year. We all need support and encouragement to make our dreams a reality, so take a second and tell Daniel congrats and to keep on moving.

As Lady Gaga said about her career, "I'm only on mile 2".
                                                      xoxo Desha

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