Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lunch with Holly Becker of Decor8: Book Tour Begins!

Holly Becker and Desha Peacock at Anthropologie
Congratulations to Holly Becker, founder of Decor8 and author of the lovely book Decorate. Many of you know that I greatly admire Holly, not only for her great sense of style, but also for her inspirational story. Holly fully pursued her dreams of being a stylist and writer and today we celebrated her first US Book Tour! The book signing and mood board event was held at Anthropologie in Boston (delight!)

It was a gift to meet Holly in person and tell her how she's inspired me. I had the opportunity to chat with her for a brief spell, and I can now confirm that she is genuinely a super nice person, and someone you could imagine just hanging out with.

Holly Becker's US Book Tour
Anthropologie in Boston

After the official event, a lucky few had lunch with Holly to celebrate her success and get to know one another. The crew consisted of other style bloggers, interior designers, illustrators, artists, and writers, many of whom I've admired from afar. Although I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone, I want to send a shout out to some of my new buddies and hope you'll check them out, too! 

I was really excited to meet Sarah Ahearn Bellemare, artist and author of Painted Pages, a book I will be buying very soon. Sarah lives in Noho, MA, which is pretty close to me, maybe we can rally and get her on The Desha Show! Check our Sarah's website and blog.

Monica Lee Studios
Another blogger/artist that I've admired for sometime is Monica Lee with Monica Lee Studios, a fireball, Monica is not just a fantastic illustrator but also a business lady with lots of ideas, we will be seeing more of her on this blog if we're lucky!

Thanks to Juliann Covino of  Jace Interiors  and Create Girl  for putting this lunch together and for encouraging me to enter the wide world of twitter!

How cute is Ellen's work??
Also in the mix,  Ellen Crimi-Trent is a talented and successful illustrator whose designs you might have seen at Target, amongst other places. 

Someone else I hope to get to know better is 
Rochelle Greayer who is currently working on a new magazine called Leaf, a lifestyle magazine focused on outdoor living. I can't wait to check out the first issue due out in October. Go Rochelle!

2011 06 01 10 25 12.pdf000 House Tour
Katy Elliott chronicles the renovation of her amazing 260 yr old home in Marblehead, MA- a huge undertaking that you can follow here.

Amisha Thakkar-Kashyap is a software developer by day, but  jewelry designer by night. Check out her work here. Etsy shop coming soon!


Another fun gal I'd like to get to know better is Kathy Weller, artist and product designer, she's at Weller 

Book Signing Event Only
Check here for other dates on Holly's book tour

Congrats again to Holly Becker, who we all love- I hope to see you again, you're always welcome in Vermont! 

For those of you who I didn't get to meet, please send me a note and let's get to know one another~


  1. HI Desha! (I love that I now know how to say that correctly!) it was lovely meeting you glad you made it (car key issues, handled) - can't wait for future gatherings and getting know you and so many of the others better.

  2. Desha! I am so sorry and sad I missed the gathering with everyone. We have our roof ripped apart as well as kitchen and the rain all week made it so we neede to stay home to get work done. Of course looking at all the photos makes me sad I didn't just chuck it all and come to Boston. I could have used the inspirational embrace. Perhaps if everyone gathers in the future I'll get to join in. I'm so happy for all of you that you got to connect with Holly an meet one another as well! A collective hug to all of you.

  3. Omigoodness Desha You are so put together! Look at the post already up and organized. It was so so lovely meeting you and all the other women too! It is wonderful to meet a kindred spirit!
    PS Could you have been stylish!!!?

  4. So great to meet you! It's too bad we didn't get to speak more - but that's a great excuse to have a BYW alumni get together again sometime soon. :-) I heartily agree that the event was awesome.

  5. Yes, I agree we should have an alumni BYW blogger meet up for sure!!! Maybe in the fall/winter when we need a little extra love~

  6. thanks for the Kudos- same to you- and it was lovely meeting you- sorry you couldn't stay for some tasty coffee- but glad your daughter is feeling better-

    loved that you posted so quickly- it was fantastic meeting all these lovely ladies- its so hard to connect to people who are in the creative world when you live in the burbs and work from home, I had such a great time meeting these creative women!! We shall all have to do another gathering in a few months in Beantown again!

  7. Hello! I found this very interesting blog...

  8. Desha, It was wonderful to meet you and I am so glad you were able to come for the lunch! Yes let me know if you need help with Twitter I am always available, see you over there : )

  9. Hi Desha! Sorry we didn't really get a chance to talk at the event, but I would love to meetup later this fall/winter as well! I agree the whole day was so inspiring :) xo Laura

  10. Desha, Thanks for sharing your great experience and pictures. I can't wait to meet Holly too and looking forward to her arrival in San Francisco.

  11. Desha,

    Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us BYW'ers who couldn't make it.

    What wonderful photos and post, including giving all of the shout outs & links- you're so sweet.

    I hope to make it to a get together in the near future and meet all of you talented and beautiful bloggers.

    Congrats to Holly & friends on your success!

    All the best,


  12. Hi Desha,
    It was great meeting up with you and all the BYWers! It was fun, and I saw some of your photos on Decor8 too, congrats!

  13. Thanks for all the comments ladies, let's keep in touch!

  14. Fabulous baby!! You look stunning. How cool to have a book signing at your fav. clothing store... XXXXOOOO Suzanne.

  15. So fun!! I'm so jealous you got to go (I miss living in Boston!), but I'm hoping to see her on her German book tour. Looks like a total blast!


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