Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Artist Dawn Schreiner

Please welcome visual artist and illustrator, Dawn Schreiner, today's guest on The Desha Show!

Hello, my name is Dawn Schreiner, I live in Maitland, Florida, a Mayberry-esque town just north of Orlando. It's quite a hop, skip and jump from Brattleboro, Vermont, where Desha lives. Even though we are so far apart, we embrace many of the same passions in life. Fashion, art, design and always, the quest for the unique, unexpected things that add joie de vivre.

In this series, you'll see a few fashion inspired doodles for Desha~ To see a wide variety of color portraits and more click here on my website.

I'm a visual artist and commercial illustrator. My first job out of school (UNF, studied graphic design/illustration), was a courtroom sketch artist for a TV station. From there I was a sculptor at a robotics company, then spent several years in graphic design, always dabbling in illustration along the way.

I have two kids, three chickens a naughty cat named Yum Yum who steals pajamas and likes to get in the refrigerator. After having children, I played mom, mostly, while taking some illustration jobs here and there.

When my second child went into school full time, I was ready to focus back on my career. Unfortunately, all my old contacts were either in new jobs or had a full stable of artists. I tried cold calls, pounding the streets and local creative groups. 

Nothing. So, I thought I'd try social networking online. I launched Dawn Schreiner Illustration, on Facebook, and friended everyone I knew. I decided to do a doodle everyday, to both hone my craft and create interest.

Initially, it was pen and ink doodles, since then I realized, I really wanted to work on my painting skills. It helped that, when I asked people to join my group, I offered to paint them. That, and word of mouth advertising helped make my venture successful. 

I'd love to hear from you, find me on my website or on facebook~

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  1. Oh wow - love her illustrations and drawing style. I need to get back into drawing on a regular basis....


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