Sunday, December 4, 2011

3rd Street Fashion Show in Turners Falls

Master of Cermonies

Okay, so you guys know I've been focusing on fashion here since late Oct, inspired by the Wild Night on the Catwalk Fashion Show that recently took place in Brattleboro (well, Putney actually).

 For new readers, I've been on a quest, much like in the movie Julia and Julia, to spend a year experimenting with a dream and exploring possibilities within my wide array of interests, one of which is STYLE/FASHION.

Hence, when I heard there was to be ANOTHER fashion show in my area, I had to go.

What I quickly discovered was that Suzee's Third St. Laundry Fashion Show, would be like no other. Held in an actual Laundromat in Turner's Falls, MA, the concept is that designers would take clothes that patron's of the Laundromat left behind and turn them into fabulous creations- well, at least very creative creations :)

The best part is that the show is held IN the Laundromat and models walk across a make shift runway parallel to the actual washing machines, making for quiet the silly scene. Models took advantage by not only strutting their stuff, but really getting down in some instances- using surrounding poles as props and so on. You get my drift here, right?

It was a small space, so I actually watched the show projected on a large screen next door at the Rendezvous, or Voo. Dance Party followed and I'm sure lots of other craziness.... these pics are from the model parade after the event. All in all, I thought it was a great concept and it just goes to show- fashion can happen anywhere, anytime.

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