Sunday, June 24, 2012

our cabin

When we bought our house, I had dreamy visions of making the room between our garage and back porch into a greenhouse, a playspace, an art studio.... five years later, it was  covered in cobwebs, pollen, gardening tools, and had turned into a patio furniture junkyard. One day last week when I was supposed to be doing something else, the spirit took hold of me and b/f I knew it, I'd spent the entire day sweeping, mopping, dusting and painting this look nook. My daughter painted the walls pink and we decorated it with things we love. We named it the "cabin" inspired by a song by Red Heart the Ticker, When We Were Young. There's a line that says:

"when we were young we had a cabin, one window, one table, we had hours, we were vandals, there was nothing where we weren’t able below the stars and beneath the shining sun, oh we could be in love with anyone, beneath the shining sun".
Our "Cabin" and new home of Sweet Spot Career Counseling.
Photos and Design by Elle James
When we had finished, I knew this space was going to be my new office for my private career counseling practice. That's right, Sweet Spot Career Counseling is coming soon!

Thanks to Elle James for the beautiful pics of our "cabin".


  1. nice wish and gorgeous reality ... you did it!! Sure it must be THE place for U!! ENjoy and show us more please!!

  2. Desha, we moved to NH 5 years ago and have a very similar little spot - we call it the Mayday barn - and I had a very similar vision, that ended up in the very same situation as yours - housing lawn tools etc. This is so inspiring and I hope the spirit moves in me and through me like it did you! Fabulous!! XO

  3. Really beautiful spot (I've been there!), and Elle's evocative photography captures it all so beautifully!

  4. Thanks all! The photographer also made a stop motion video for me out of these photos which I will release once I have my new biz website. Thanks for stopping by and commented, Lau, Kasey and Dede!


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