Friday, June 8, 2012

Dear Vermont

Yesterday was my daughter's last All School Sing at Neighborhood Schoolhouse. I decided it was more important to stop, let her sit in my lap, hold my ears, and sing rather than run home to work like I usually do. It was the right choice. As we sang "This Little Light of Mine" and "These Green Mountains are My Home", I looked around the light filled room and saw Iyla's teacher cuddling a little baby, a pre-school girl sitting in the lap of a 6th grade boy, and children sitting in their parent's laps- content, safe and warm. Tears streamed down as I felt the IMMENSE GRATITUDE for this time in our lives- it's what we wanted. We wanted our daughter to grow up here in this loving place. We wanted our daughter to be connected to nature at this school roaming free in the woods, getting her princess outfit muddy and bringing home pet slugs named "Sluggy" and "Cutey Pie".

In honor of this moment,  I share this love letter from friend, writer, musician, mother Robin MacArthur who describes the beauty of this time and place. Listen and you'll know why a piece of my heart will always reside in these green mountains, wherever I roam.

Writer and musician Robin MacArthur pens a love letter to her home state. Scored by Red Heart the Ticker, the band Robin plays in with her husband Tyler Gibbons.  Photos by the talented Sara Brooke Curtis. Check out Robin's blog: Woodbird.

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