Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Make your Biz PR ready.

Hi friends! If you have, or are thinking of starting your own business you really need to learn the nuts and bolts of PR to be successful. I'll be the first to admit it, I need help! The problem is most small business owners don't have a lot of extra cash to hire a professional, that's why I'm siked to be taking part in this FREE 5 day Irresistible Business Challenge via PR expert Melissa Cassera. It will be more fun if you join me. 
Come on! 

The challenge kicks off Monday, January 21st and ends Friday, January 25th. Each day you’ll get a mini-lesson delivered to your inbox filled with totally hot tips n’ tricks to create your irresistible business along with an action step you’ll take immediately.
Melissa will be wooing you along the way with inspirational prompts + virtual java jolts + super sweet prizes.

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll be working on:

  • Day 1:  Make your business hot + trendy
  • Day 2:  Tell page-turning business stories
  • Day 3:  Craft your impressive bio
  • Day 4:  Write compelling headlines
  • Day 5:  Create your fame page
If you haven't joined the private Irresistible Business Challenge Facebook group yet, pop on over and join by clicking this link (you'll see a little "Join Group" button in the upper right hand corner).There are already over 100 smart + sassy entrepreneurs connecting there, so be sure to pop in and introduce yourself. See ya there!


  1. i'm giving it a try too! thanks for posting about it. I'm up for a challenge!!

  2. Awesome Karla! Let's rock it together :)


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