Sunday, March 10, 2013

New York City

The best cure for the winter blues? Get out of dodge. That's what I've been doing lately and it's working.
The Big Apple- March, 2013
Isn't my BFF cute? He's the BEST!
New York should really be called cupcake city
Rizzoli, my new fav book store
Could have spent days in the interior section, ah... sigh. 
Good to see you New York. 


  1. good for you! I love nyc in a big way, and we are thinking about going, too! Did you freeze this time of year? last time we were there it was in March and I've never felt such bone chilling cold. But even with that, it's still the greatest city on Earth. Glad you're getting to travel!

  2. Hi Karla! yes, I love NYC for a weekend visit, especially when you have a great friend to cart you around and show the best of the best. The weather was actually great that weekend, pretty warm for March, of course now we are all freezing with the latest snow storm... and today is the 1st day of spring! xo


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