Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stuff to do list to have my own show

Okay, now I have to figure out how to have my own show.
My goal is to do 12 shows in a year. The mission is that it needs to be good and produced well. I have 11 ideas so far, but these might morph over time.

Okay, the list. What do I need to do? How do I start?

1. Visit the local Brattleboro TV station BCTV. Talk with Frederic. Check, did this last week. (I'm a big fan of already having done the first task on my to do lists so I feel I'm ahead of the game. I used to do this in High school and College. Number one on my list was "wake up". )

2. Watch some shows that they have broadcast. Check out Artisit a'la mode and Grill dog.

3. Find a crew. Need camera person, editor and co-producer. (I'm totally guessing on this, but sounds sufficient).

4. Write a draft for the first show.

5. Find the people.

6. Tape.

7. Edit.

8. Show on TV!

9. Oh yes, and get sponsors.

That doesn't sound too hard.


  1. Have you thought of producing video podcasts or doing your own "show" on YouTube as opposed to thinking about it in terms of television? There are some people making their living successfully from producing strictly Online via YouTube.... producing consistent, quality content and getting seen by tens of thousands of people around the world. If what you have to say is valid, useful, funny, inspirational or thought-provoking, people WILL find their way to it online. If your numbers begin to be large enough, you will have advertisers coming to you and the income will flow!

    Personally, I think TV as we previously knew it will shortly go the way of the dinosaurs. People want streaming content that they can control, choose, and watch whenever/wherever they want.

    I am working on similar pathways out here in CA, Desha. Maybe we should join forces and do a bi-coastal show to teach people "Manifesting For Dummies" (only with a more positive, non-copyrighted title of course!)

    I did the video production course at Brattleboro TV station years ago... great way to get access to equipment and find people to work with. But I still think you need to produce for the internet ultimately, not just local!

    Good luck on this. Let's make time to chat soon, too! Keep me posted.

  2. Hey Krista, I agree that producing online is the way to go, but I also like the idea of an old fashioned, good ole' TV show and think the support from BCTV will be helpful considering I'm such a beginner.

    Luckily, the local TV station is going to streamline all shows this fall- so, it will be on-line and I hope to have the shows on Utube, too- although, I think the time is limited to 10 min? This show would be longer, so not sure how that would work.

    But, yes, I'd love to chat more. Maybe we can catch up next week?


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