Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Want to hear something funny?

As you know, I really want to have my own show, but the funny thing is I haven't had a TV in about, hum, 15 yrs? Well, that's not exactly true, I do own a TV, it just doesn't work except for DVD's and videos. (seems kind of common amongst my crowd). See my fancy TV >>>

So why no real TV? I stopped watching it when I moved out of my parents house because I noticed I was becoming afraid of everything- being kidnapped, chopped up- you name it. There's a lot of really violent shows on just the regular old basic channels and even flipping through those 5 to 7 stations I'd see just a tidbit, or a commercial for some crime or police show and hear that spooky music and get totally freaked out. I wanted to go check the lock on my door, bolt the windows, close the curtains. But, I was too afraid to even do it, for fear some crazy dude with an axe was just waiting for me to turn the doorknob at the right time. So, that's why no mucho TV.

However i do enjoy a good ole' Oprah show, Project Runway, Sex and the City and such. I mostly get to see these when I'm staying in a hotel or on Netflix, which by then hardly counts because the shows are already like 5 yrs old by the time you can watch it.

To give you an idea of how up to date I am on TV shows, I just discovered 30 Rock. Wonder when that came out.... no clue. But, it's really funny. Have you seen it??

Sooo, part of the reason I want to have a show is because I want to do something NOT creepy, but kooky, fun and maybe even a bit inspirational. That sounds like something I would watch (if I had a TV).

By the way, do you have a TV?
What's your favorite show?

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  1. Desha, I couldn't agree more! When will they put some positive on the tube??? I think that the TV producers are trying to dumb us down with the "reality" TV shows they are creating out of thin air and some dramatic music. Then they try to create fear in us or at least desensitize us to the violence that is out there; depending on the person. When was the last time they put a positive spin on anything in the news?!
    I applaud your efforts and support your endeavor! Good luck!!


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