Tuesday, November 9, 2010


10 amazing dancers/dance groups performed for a full house on Sat Nov 6 at Luminz dance studio at the
Brattleboro HOT Dance Contest. Thanks to all those who helped make the night so brilliant!

~ I couldn't be more pleased~



Artis Cummings won the $500 first prize performing an amazing mix of Lyrical Hip Hop & Animatronics. 

I met Artis at Look Park in Florence, MA over the summer. He was doing flips in a field and I was like, "hey you need to be in my dance contest." He started dancing right there for Iyla & I, and that was that. He attends HS in West Springfield. Isn't he just a doll?

Okay, speaking of dolls, how about Marshall Jarreau, coming into a VERY CLOSE second place winning $250 with an ELECTRIC mix of Afro Jazz. Absolutely amazing. 

Performing a creative mix of Capoeira, Modern and African Dance, Jahnavi Newson won 3rd place. I love that growling mix that came in towards the end: FIERCE.

Here we have a lovely pic of Dakini Borealis performing a beautiful Improv Piece with Multi- Media. 

I just love these kids from W. Springfield, Mhercaedeez Pinkney & Gary Allen really ROCKED it with their Jazzy Hip Hop Mix. So much energy and so much joy. 
p.s. guys, I'm really glad you didn't fall off my ROOF.

Who doesn't love Gershom Moore?? A local talent, we all see this guy around town, and I finally got to see him perform his unique Temple Rockin' style. GO G.

I LOVED the quirky, creative Euro-Pop performance by Brooke Paige and Meg Van Dyck. 

Jaskarm Desjardins (can you think of a more beautiful name?) performed an edgy Hip Hop piece.
I think she needs to be the spokeswomen for girl power. Don't you?

How can I tell you how much I love watching Cyndal Ellis with her Tribal Fusion Belly Dance?
In one word: SENSUAL. 

Abdou Sarr & Fleurita (not shown) came out like a burst of lightening and the energy did not slow down with their explosive African Sabar dance. Are we in Brattleboro???

Thanks again to Aurora at Luminz, Craig my handsome co-MC, Ian on film, Ezra and Matt on set up, my awesome judges, Richard Oaxaca on FIRE, all the local businesses who donated to the cause, and most of all to the dancers who took a risk and shared their passion with us. 
Thank you.


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  1. Great synopsis/sharing, Desha! Was great to meet everyone and see their work, even from backstage.


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