Monday, November 29, 2010

What's wrong with Miss Polyanna?

It's Thanksgiving weekend and I just read one of my favorite blog's by Holly Becker of Decor 8. She describes what she's thankful for and asks her audience to comment. A discussion arose on the theme of positive thinking and the Pollyanna syndrome. Interestingly enough, this is a topic I think about daily and my views on the topic are what is forming the overall theme of The Desha Show.

What is wrong with thinking positively? Some people are annoyed with us positive thinkers. They say "you don't understand because you don't know hardship". So, if life is really bad, than it's hard to think in a positive light? And it's easier for those who are "more blessed"?

I agree with Holly that being positive is more a state of mind that one can have regardless of their life experience. In fact, some people who are hit hard, mange to have the most success. Look at Oprah W. who grew up poor and was sexually abused as youngster. She had it rough, but she was intent on making her life BIG. And I think you all can agree it certainly is. But, what of those who have the same experience as Oprah and do not make it big, but continue to suffer in poverty and worse?

My personal belief is that we get what we focus on in our thoughts. Have you ever met a person who is constantly experiencing bad things? Car broke down, lost keys, in the middle of a divorce..... as they continue to focus on this drama, more comes, and more and so on. It happens to the best of us.

Thinking positively means that we allow ourselves to move beyond the negative things that sometimes occur, and CHOOSE to focus on the brighter side, and magically for those who do this, there is a brighter side to life. And then you ask, what about all those suffering people who have nothing in less fortunate countries? Well, I've been to many of those countries and I have seen immense joy coming from those who are poor monetarily, but they are rich in joy. I've also seen those who have it all and are depressed. My point is, it's not about what you have or don't have. It's about what you choose to feel, the story you choose to tell about your life and what you choose to focus on.

I'm not saying it's easy to do, but choosing to be happy is a state of mind that we can all achieve, if given the focus.

But how? How does one evoke joy when you feel bad? As my friend Craig Cullinane says, "Gratitude is the key to Abundance & and  Joy". If I find myself feeling bad, I try to think of something I'm grateful for. Try it. It's impossible to be angry or super sad when recalling what you are grateful for.

Okay, so, here's what I'm grateful for (not necessarily in order):

1. My beautiful, healthy family
2. My warm, cozy home
3. My amazing friends
4. My career
5. My show and it's evolution and all those helping me to make it happen
6. My intention buddies in both circles

I am so thankful for the joy in my life, for my travel experiences, for my personal growth and for all those who support and encourage me. I'm grateful for role models, mentors, and spiritual guides. I'm grateful for books. I'm grateful for beauty, both natural and man-made.

Oh yes, and I'm ever so grateful for Anthropologie.

xoxo desha

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  1. This is wonderful and I agree 100%, most of the "leaders" out there are positive thinkers, you are so right. Your blog post is great, thank you for telling me about it. xo


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