Wednesday, November 17, 2010

on practicality: a quiz

(answer below)

My oven blew out several months ago (3, 4?) but I've been searching for the perfect chandelier for even longer. When you're on a budget, how is one to choose? The practical oven, or glistening chandelier?

I find that I often have these dilemmas. Like when I took my 3 yr old to Mexico to escape the cold last Jan and convinced my best friend from CA to bring her 5 month old and meet me at the airport in Cancun. Practical? If my daughter wouldn't have gotten a bad cough, and that cold spell wouldn't have passed through, it would have been PERFECT.

Or, like when I was 12 and had a key made to my mothers car while she took a nap. Practical? Not so much, but industrious for sure. And it did get me to the mall when I skipped school.

And today, I took the day off and drove an hour and a half to New Haven, CT to spend some quality time with my friend, Anthropologie. It's okay, my boss knows (why do you think they made such a thing as personal days? To go to the Dentist? Don't be silly.) 

Now, don't get me wrong, I can be practical. I get myself and my daughter to work and school just about daily. Pay the mortgage. Cook dinner (sometimes). And do lots of other practical things, like buy a Subaru instead of a convertible (well, the one with giant  sunroof). BUT, sometimes a girl just needs to have some fun, no? Thus, instead of diligently paying off my visa, I opted to purchase this lovely silk dress.

Need I say more? 
 It's light, it's airy, it's SOFT. 
It actually seems to float. 
It's the perfect remedy for these cold dreary days. 

So maybe it is practical to treat yourself sometimes.
Isn't keeping your sanity through a little sun and silk, practical? 

My Answer to the Quiz:
You'd be surprised what a toaster oven can do :)

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  1. I hear ya 100%. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes having fun or buying yourself a treat is top priority and we new when to make that call! I just bought myself some amazing clothes and boots for my bday. Subaru payment a little late, oh well! Hey!,Next time you go to New Haven, bring me along! Hope I see you again soon ladylove! Enjoy your silk dress, you're worth every silky thread!


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