Friday, July 15, 2011

Episode 3: Marshall Jarreau

Untitled from Desha Peacock on Vimeo.

Episode 3 of The Desha Show is here! In this episode, Desha interviews Marshall Jarreau, of Circ de Soleil about his journey from dancer to circus star. Marshall reveals his darker past and how his focus on positive thoughts, acceptance, and love turned his life around in a profound way. Enjoy~

For more information about Marshall, check out his website.


  1. I LOVED this episode!! Thank You so much for the encouraging, positive and uplifting message! I love the part about it being our dream to live our dreams.

  2. Oh my God, this is so fantastic. Of course he is moving to Vegas to be in LOVE. Expect that things will get better. Let the universe work through you. Beautiiiiful.... Suzanne.


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