Monday, July 11, 2011

Good things are happening with The Desha Show!

Please excuse my recent hiatus from blogging the last couple of weeks, which feels like an eternity. I’ve been super busy and the work/fun is paying off!!!! Here’s a little list of good things happening just this week~

The Desha Show FUN-raiser was a Success!
Just like the Brattleboro HOT Dance Contest, The Desha Show Fun-raiser was SOLD OUT. People dressed up; there were flowers by the amazing Hillary Duggan, tapas by renowned Chef Ayda Robana from Om Sweet Mama’s and the sweeeetest music by Red Heart the Ticker from Marlboro, VT and House of Wolves from Santa Barbara, CA. 

Friends came from as far as Spain! Others drove from Michigan, Boston, and California. It was a backyard garden party complete with candles, lantern lights, and lovely conversation and I can safely say that a good time was had by all. Thank you all for coming and supporting the show!

In the Paper!
On Wednesday July 6, The Desha Show was featured in the Brattleboro Reformer; a great article titled “Oprah’s Heir” appeared! That morning there was an email from Steve West, host of Live and Local on WKVT and so…. I’ll be on the radio today, Monday, July 11th!
Mariana & Desha

On the Radio (again!)
A few weeks ago, I was honored to be on This Show is so Gay with Ken Schneck. This Monday- TODAY, I’ll be on WKVT 1490, Live and Local with Steve West at 11:00 am. Hum, what will we talk about??

First Commercial!
On the same day the Reformer article came out, I got a call from Luke Stafford with Mondo Media Works, remember him? He made my Marlboro College Career Development Video. And… I’m going to be in my first commercial! Yep, that’s right- a COMMERCIAL! And it’s happening this Thursday! 

Altiplano ladies
The BEST PART is that I get to do it with my daughter! I used to think I couldn't do certain things b/c I'm a parent to a young child, but realized that was just an exuse. I realize now that if I include her in my work (when appropriate) that it's actually setting a good example for her- that women can be mothers and pursue their dreams/desires. It's OKAY to do both! 

Vermont Style

All photos by Liz Jackson, Thanks Liz!


I started this project a few months ago to see what would happen if I put my heart into something that I thought I might love and my biggest fear was that I’d be in the same place I was when I started. But, I’m starting to see that I can let go of that fear because good things are happening and it's pretty darn exciting.

Stay tuned, Episode 3 with Marshall Jareau is coming out July 15th!


  1. Congratulations Desha! I'm a succulent freak, so I love that first photo so much!

  2. Exciting stuff! You've already achieved so much since BYW...congrats!

  3. Thanks ladies! BYW gave me a boost in creativity for sure~


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