Thursday, July 14, 2011

Quinn's Southern Vermont Apartment

One Girl's Love of Design

Quinn Cartelli: age 32
Occupation: Manager/Buyer for VT Boutique
Location: Brattleboro, Vermont
Pottery collection, Quinn's mother's old type tray, and her new birthday chairs.

Quinn Cartelli is a sweetheart who lives in Southern Vermont and manages, Altiplano, one of my favorite boutique's in downtown Brattleboro. Today, we'll get a sneak peak into her apartment and learn about her personal style and influences. Thanks for joining us!

Living room detail with Quinn and Rob's Quaker marriage certificate
Desha: How would you describe what inspires your style?

QuinnI think it's important to have a sense of humor and whimsy with decorating and in fashion, and to have fun with it. To me, decorating is always evolving, and a process that is sort of never finished.
This Naugahyed Eames Chair is one of Quinn's prized possessions. She got it FREE from a barn!

Quinn: My home is mostly filled with things I've collected from resale shops and tag sales, and pieces we've inherited from our families.

We have a pretty decent art collection, which came from my husband's grandfather, George Cogshall, and our friends from Twin Vixen Press. 

We also have a large amount of pottery, which includes my husband, Rob Cartelli's pieces, and the work of other's he admires. I just enjoy using it, and try not to break it!

Desha: Tell me about how your family has influenced your decorating style?

Quinn: I was very influenced by my grandparents house in Florida, it was over the top decorated with red shag rugs, grass wallpaper, and lots of mid-century furniture. My grandmother even had a matching pink toilet and bidet! 
The whole place was magical to me~

I'm a bit more reserved than that, I like working with a simple background, interesting accents, and always a pop of color somewhere in the room, something a little unexpected. I like to dress the same way. 

The dining set was an amazing thrift store find, only needing a little upholstery. Painting by George

Desha: What makes you squeal with joy?

Quinn: I'm passionate about patterns. I collect decorative paper and I'm obsessed with stationary. I think that is quite evident in the shop I manage, Altiplano. For example, anyone who knows me knows I love snail-mail.

Craft show print and Orla Kiely postcards decorate the bathroom wall.
Pottery by hubby Rob Cartelli and Laura Zindel, napkin from Anthropologie.

Quinn's husband, Rob Cartelli, makes beautiful porcelain pottery, click here to learn more.
What a man to decorate a kitchen with!
Bedroom, with photos by Quinn's parents circa the 1970's. 
 Simple, but  charming entryway
In the kitchen. Plates by Thomas Paul, tag sale canisters, and postcards by Lotta Jansdotter.
Print by Helen O'Donnell, Tibetan mandala, craft show art and grandma's butterflies.
Porch scene with Ikea pillow and antique jug from Charlestown, MA

For more information, you may contact Quinn at
Thanks Quinn for sharing your home and thoughts with us!


  1. WOW, This lady had amazing decorating skills! So original and so cute!

  2. Two thumbs up!!!! Hip to the max!

  3. Is she for hire?

  4. Thanks for the comments about Quinn, and yes, she is interested in taking clients, contact her at

  5. Looks amazing! Quinn you SHOULD start a business!
    Desha, You did such a nice job showing off Quinn's talents...!

  6. I know, got to get Rob's stuff on!

  7. Quinn's my cousin-in-law! I'm glad the internet is being informed of her fantasticness. She's pretty great.


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