Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My heart

Art by Vale Burns
People often say "listen to your heart". What does that mean?

Tonight I visualized my heart.

First it appeared as an anatomically correct version of the body part, then it was a red cut out valentine, and quickly it morphed into a blindly bright ball of sunlight.

It immediately radiated warmth and it said "I love you"

I realized in that moment, I am drawn to light. I need the sun. My heart needs sunlight.

I seek warmth to give warmth. I seek light to give light. I seek inspiration to be an inspiration.

I'm not sure what's happening, but my heart is full to the brim with heat, with light, with joy, passion, and pure excitement! Listen to your heart, what's it saying to you?


  1. My heart is saying it needs sunlight, too. And here comes a steel-gray, bundle-up in ugly parkas Vermont winter. Let's go to Hawaii and laugh our asses off in the waves... LOVE this post. You are a huge light in the world, baby. Suzanne.

  2. My heart says, "follow your peace!"

  3. Thanks for sharing bits of your heart Suzanne and Monica- love you both!


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