Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A New Way of Showing Fashion in NY

As part of my FOCUS ON FASHION series this month, I'd like to talk tweed on bikes.

My friend Shari, owner of one of my favorite stores in Brattleboro- Altiplano, just sent me a link to this GREAT VIDEO that I want to share today. It's a piece that Bill Cunningham put together for his "On the Street" segment for the New York Times.

300 New Yorkers put on their best tweed and vintage wear from the 30's and 40's and instead of walking down a runway, these everyday folk biked through the city- how cool is that? I could see something like that here in Brattleboro-

Ladies, I know you'd do it. Men, are you ready to dress in your best vintage tweed, sport a little bow tie and maybe even drink tea from a china cup? I BET YOU ARE!

Click here to watch the short Video


  1. I love Bill Cunningham. He always brings us such inspiring photos and videos of what is on the street now. I saw Bill's documentary and I advice everyone to see it. He is truly the style icon. And a couple of weeks ago I saw him on his bike, I was disappointed that I couldn't get a picture of him.

  2. Wow Christine, that's cool you saw him! I want to see his documentary. My friend said she was just in NY and saw this "look" everywhere...


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