Saturday, January 21, 2012

i'm not being dishonest...

I came back from the Maya Riveria one week from today. One would think that after going on a paradise retreat for a week that you would be rejuvenated- high spirited- THANKFUL. But something unexpected happened- I arrived home to 5 degrees Celsius with anxiety and one thing on my mind- "why would we choose to live somewhere so frigid? Are we INSANE?"  and thus began a few days of real or perceived depression. I didn't want to go outside, I didn't want to cook. I wanted to go back.

So, it's been a week now, and I look at these pictures and think "was this real? did this happen?" because life is back to normal now. I'm working. Iyla is back to school. We just went out for cocktails with friends. It's cold.

My Type A mother-in-law described it best, "Desha, you were on VACATION. It's not reality." Lady Gaga starts her new hit Marry the Night with this quote, "It's not that I've been dishonest, it's just that I LOATHE REALITY".

I can see your point, senorita.
But, I am a dreamer, and there's many realities to choose from.
I can't help it, I was Born this Way.


  1. Ah, and your daughter will be so grateful for your dreamer ways.

  2. You look so happy!!!
    I cry all the time when I back home from vacation!! I wish I could live near the sea. + kitchen with sea view)))

  3. wow, I've been thinking of going to the Yucatan and can't wait to see your video. When will it come out?


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