Sunday, January 1, 2012

Local Businesses who Rock Part 2: Altiplano

What can I say, I LOVE Altiplano, it's one of my very favorite places to shop. I love it so much that I walked in one day and asked the owner, Shari Zarin, if I could work there and she said "yes".  

It  helped that I told her how much I loved the window display and the DRESS in the window display, which I ended up buying.... anyway, it's fair to say that Altiplano and Shari hold a special place in my heart, and not just because it's a fab store. Shari is also a fab person, who is a super creative jewelry and bag designer. She travels to Guatemala and works with artisans (all fair trade) who make her designs come to life. 

Huipile and Leather Tote from Altiplano
In the store, located at 42 Elliot St. you can find very cool clothes, amazing gifts for adults and children and of course, Shari's jewelry and handbags. Stop in and say hi to the super friendly staff (half of them have been featured on this blog because they are so cool- such as Quinn Cartelli and Vail Burns. Lila, you're next, right? )

A very special thank you to Alitplano for sponsoring Episode 5 of The Desha Show: Wild Night on the Catwalk. It's a fashion revolution. Watch it here online.

Please take a moment to "Like"Altiplano's retail store on Facebook  and Altiplano Handmade. Say hello from Desha!


  1. Love this store? Can I buy this handbag online?

  2. Thank you for your interest in the featured bag. It can be purchased through our website-, or of course, at the store on Elliot St. in Brattleboro. Thank you so much Desha for the kind words, and for all that you are doing to inspire folks and support Brattleboro. It's a great little town indeed.
    Shari Zarin

  3. i love this bag too! Thanks Shari for all you do!


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