Saturday, January 28, 2012


Do you remember the "Pink Haired Person" from Wild Night on the Catwalk ?
I'd like to introduce you to Paedra.

One Person Exhibition, PAEDRA EXPOSED, Gallery in the Field, Brandon , VT

Quote of Alex Aldrich,  Executive Director Vermont Arts Council 
" First, sexuality, both  physical and spiritual, is something that we all wonder about, experiment with, explore behind the safety of closed doors and shades, and you have managed to open those doors, shine a bright light on it with vivid colors (maybe a little too vivid at times?) and let the world know Here I Am, This is Me.  It takes an enormous amount of courage to do that and I admire you for taking that plunge."

"A Knife and a Corset"       38"  x  50"       2006 
"729 Dreams & Red Blonde Hair "   60" x 48"  Unique Pigmented Print/Transfigured Collage  at AVA  May 2011

     "Miss Wyld"    66" x 106"    Unique Pigmented Print/Transfigured Collage  for the AVA Show  May 2011

Parallel Universe, Clifford B. West Gallery at AVA, 2011

America the Beautiful Series

America the Beautiful Series

"My art is something I can not not do...
It speaks sometimes well ahead of my everyday mind of who I am.  It is a flower and sometimes one with more thorns than petals... As often as I wish I had a 9-5 job I know that is not to be.  I do wonder many times what?where? why of this drive?  I dream of having heated studios;  hell of just having a home where it is easily warm during the winter where I am not cold.  Where my journey will take me this next year, I really have no idea.  As long as I have a healthy body I will make art.  I will dream.  I will hone a dry sense of humor.  I will laugh and I will curse.  I will seek out the fecund and dig to its edges.  And should things change I will look at that bridge and ........."   Paedra, New Years Letter 2012

Check out Paedra on facebook or on her website to learn more. 

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