Thursday, February 16, 2012

Twice Upon A Time's February Fashion Show

What a beauty. Juliette Sutherland, Fashion and Media stylist

He's got his own thing going 4 sure.
Today I'd like to share some pics of the super fabulous Twice Upon a Time Fashion Show, hosted by Alfred and styled by yours truly and Juliette Sutherland.
Styled by Desha!
Did you know that Twice Upon a Time has fashion shows every first Friday of the month during Gallery Walk? Yep! If you'd like to model, style the outfits, or even design new clothes using vintage pieces, give me a shout!

Thanks to all who participated in our Valentine's Show!

The French Lovers

Our host, Alfred, dazzled in the color of love.
The European  Family Vacation

First modeling. Nice job doll.
To keep up with more local fashion events, like The Desha Show and Twice Upon a Time on Facebook. 


  1. Juliette is a beauty!

  2. These pictures are utterly charming. The one of Juliette is especially great because it looks more like a portrait than a photo.

  3. Yes, I love that picture, thanks Martha!


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