Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gallery Walk Fashion Show Tomorrow!

  Juliette and Desha (French travellers heading to Istanbul for a romantic getaway- in case you couldn't guess).

Yep, it's happening! Twice Upon a Time is having a fashion show, this Friday night at the store on Main St.  Juliette Sutherland, (editor of The Desha Show) and I had a blast styling this show, so we hope you stop by at 7:00pm and check it out! 

And while we're on the subject, you will NOT WANT TO MISS this- 

Twice Upon a Time is hosting a "flea market" where vendors are selling one of kind vintage treasures for only five dollars. That's right folks. 
Fashion Show Friday at 7:00. 
Five Dollar Flea Market on Sunday. 
Our host, Alfred, in V. Day RED
Hello Frenchy.
For more info, check out Twice Upon a Time on Facebook, and like their page while you're at it :)
See ya this weekend!

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