Sunday, July 21, 2013

It would be nice if...

I don't recommend remodeling your kitchen, writing your first book, building your business and your website, taking an online PR class, and some other stuff I've forgotten to mention like helping to organize a fundraiser, being a mom and working. It would be nice if I could just do one or two of these things at a time, but alas we create our own reality and this is the one I've patched together.

I guess it's just in my blood to multi-task. At the most I had seven part time jobs at one time. Even in high school I had three part time jobs. I'd leave school early to work the 3-6 shift at the church daycare,  and then dash out the door to take the 6-9 shift at  M.M. Cohn's, a Southern retail store akin to Dillard's or perhaps some lesser version of Macy's? Yes, this required an outfit change and I was usually speeding to get there on time. The third job was working weekends at a hippie store in the mall where I sold tie-dyed shirts, incense and beads while listening to the Grateful Dead.

I'm getting off subject here, as I was saying... I tend to thrive with threes. Three relatively big tasks is a good thing, keeps things spicy.  Three boyfriends always seemed to work well, too. If one made you mad, the other would cheer you up. As the saying goes, one man can't possibly make you happy- but, how about three? I say it's the magic number!

I'm getting off track AGAIN, see that's what happens when you multi-task. You get off track because instead of writing your book, you start looking at kitchens and when you are supposed to be looking at designing your kitchen you are playing dress up with your daughter walking around the house in your prom dress from about a million yrs ago (at least it still fits!) and trying not to fall down the stairs in high heels that you haven't worn since you moved to Vermont ten years ago.

It would be nice if I could just write my book.
And you know what?
I think I better go do that.
Xo Desha


  1. ha, you're making me laugh! now get

  2. Ok, Robin, I'm writing- I am!!
    xo Desha


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