Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Anastasia on the Little Black Dress

As part of my Focus on Fashion Series, I'd like to welcome, all the way from Australia, Anastasia!


Hello! Its Anastasia here today and I'm thrilled to be Guest posting here at Desha's blog! I think fashion shouldn't have any rules and regulations, style is all about personal expression after all, ...but we've been told time after time that we must have at least one ' Little Black Dress ' in our wardrobe..

me? i have a few...i do love a pretty black dress. they are my 'go to' options when I'm suddenly invited somewhere special that requires me to look elegant and chic but the LBD is available in so many styles and designs so a perfect way to express a fashionable mood.

It wasn't that long ago when it wasn't acceptable for women to wear black in public, unless in mourning of course, so here's a little tribute to the LBD.

Top image Jean Seberg
* 1960s black lanz dress by Thrush
* 60s mod party dress by factoryhandbook
* 1950s Vintage Cotton sun Dress by Allencompanyinc 

* Hugs Anastasia

Do you have a favorite LBD? Pop over to Anastasia's lovely site, and let her know! Also make sure and check out her Etsy shop with the cutest tags ever!

xo Desha


  1. So true that fashion shouldn't have any rules at all! Great post Anastasia! xo from SF!

  2. Thanks Jeanee and thanks Desha for letting me be Guest blogger!

  3. It's fun to guest blog, right? Cool to conect with both of you fine ladies!

  4. such gorgeous dresses! I am a big fan of Anastasia's blog - she has great taste!

  5. oh! I wish I had more places to go wearing a LBD!

  6. Monica- wear it to the fashion show!


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