Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bedroom Magic

Flea Market Treasures
I'm in the MOOD, oh yeah, that's right, to decorate. I've got a couple of not so snazzy bedrooms that could really use some attention.
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Love this canopy found on House to Home
What color would you paint the walls considering I have the original unpainted wood trim? Almost everything online these days shows white woodwork. How do you get around that? I thought about painting the trim, but my whole house has unpainted wood trim, and I think it might not flow if the bedroom(s) are different, right?
Pic from Glitter Guide: I WANT this Ikea bed (painted blue) but they are all gone.
Can you sell me yours? Please???

So, where to start?Where do you go for bedroom inspiration?
And where can I get the Hemnes Ikea Canopy bed now that it's not at Ikea anymore??? I knew I shouldn't have listened to my husband on that one....

Honey Houses

All of these images are from Magic Bedroom, Pinterest


  1. You didn't use flashy colors yet it strikes my eyes. Yeah, the woodwork were simple but its the furnishings that brought your room quite impressing.

  2. I really love the idea of featuring the potted plant in the bedroom!

    It would work best in a large, well ventilated room I suppose, so we don't have to fight for 02 with the plant while we're sleeping...

    AHHH your rooms are all so magical!

    Hope you can find the canopy bed, Desha. Have you tried craigslist or overstock maybe?


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